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Dads Round Table, est. October 1st, 2012, is an online parenting magazine focusing on providing a place where dads can gather to communicate, learn from one another, and discuss parenting and its occasional challenges in a safe, non-retribution environment.

It has experienced rapid growth since its inception, making it the premier place for parents to gather, learn, and be heard.

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1 – We love feedback and reader engagement.

On each of our posts, we have a comment section toward the bottom. It uses the default standard, plain vanilla WordPress commenting system for optimal functionality and doesn’t require you to log in to leave a comment.

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2 – Speaking of comments:

On DadsRT, you will find two kinds of posts. One type covers a vast majority of the categories—everything from humor to kid advice, health tips to figuring out allowance. On these posts, your feedback is always welcomed and highly encouraged.

However, pay special attention to our weekly Round Table Discussions or “RTDs”. These posts target a specific topic and/or theme each post. In order to make the most out of being a regular reader, you definitely want to take part in these “round table” styled discussions. Some of the topics may be a little more hot-button than others, but don’t let that stop you from voicing your opinion! (Just make sure you keep the gloves on and strikes above the belt, okay?)

In conjunction with the weekly Round Table Discussions, we have a Twitter chat the same week on the topic covered by the RTD. You can log in to Twitter and search for the ‘#DadsRT’ hashtag to follow along. If you want to join in, simply tweet including the #DadsRT hashtag and you’re in the conversation.

3 – Ask questions and suggest topics!

Leaving comments, like we discussed above, is a great way to be an engaged member of our community, but guess what? We made getting to know us even easier! If you have a question about whatever or would like to suggest a topic for a Round Table Discussion, you can do it quickly, easily, and privately!

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