I’m Taking My Kids to Nicaragua

American culture has become one of divisive inflammatory rhetoric. Somehow we have come to the collective conclusion that in order to like something, you must hate everything else. If I like blue, that means I am anti-green. If I enjoy apples, then I hate oranges. I am either a dog person or a cat person. We have radicalized ourselves into two extreme mindsets; us and Them.  

You are either one of US (whatever that may be) or you’re a steaming pile of THEM. Superman vs. Batman. Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man. Team Edward or Team Jacob. N’Sync, or The Backstreet Boys. Either way, we are ingrained to love one, and hate the rest.

It’s time to make sense of it all.  It’s time for some perspective.  It’s time to see the big picture.  It is important to my wife and me that our kids open their minds and broaden their horizons.  We do not want to raise our children in a bubble of a singular thought process or point of view.  It is difficult to empathize with others when you don’t know what their perspective is.  It’s hard to win a debate when you don’t understand varying biases.  

Our plan, is to take our kids to Nicaragua, the second poorest nation in Latin America.  We have a connection to the owners of Corner of Love, which is a Medical Mission that is based in Managua.  We will be a part of a team that will be hiking medical supplies out to remote villages.  There are doctors and dentists on the team that will be providing full evaluations and examinations to the people who hike to where we will be setting up full day clinics.  They bring their families, which means there are children waiting in lines all day.  This is where my kids come in.  They get to entertain, and interact with the children from Nicaragua.  

The only thing I expect of my kids to to experience the people of Nicaragua. I want them to see kids their age without phones, apps, and games, and to relate to them on a human level.  I want them to interact with children from another culture who have no idea what American Culture is.  I want them to become global kids,who will grow into global adults.

About Corner of Love

Over the last 15 years Corner of Love has helped more than 180,000 patients rid their bodies of parasites and infection through mobile village clinics that reach families surviving on less than $40 per month. Five years ago, my wife made the trip. This year we are bringing the kids to help them gain a global perspective, and learn how they can have a positive impact on others. 

Your donation will go towards the medical packs we take to Nicaragua and hike out to remote villages. It also supports the Native leadership that helps Corner of Love achieve great things for God by teaching Nicaraguans how to take measurable steps out of poverty. Their in-country programs are conducted in a variety of venues, such as rural churches and schools, their office in the town of San Ramón, and at their ministry site, Plaza de Bondad, near La Lima River. At these facilities and others, Corner of Love provides services and goods to any deserving patient or person in need regardless of their political view or religious belief through these programs: Healthcare, Clean Water, Family Sponsorships, Education, Church, and Discipleship Development.

Please Support

We leave on Friday, and are almost to our goal to have raised what we need to pay for the medical supplies we are taking down.  All donations are 100% tax-deductible. We ask for any size to help us with this trip, and any continued support of Corner of Love is always welcome.  

I will continue to share about our trip and the experience of taking a family on an international mission trip through this site and on Instagram (@ManvDadhood #LoveIsLouder).  Please take a moment to support what we are doing, and I hope you all follow this adventure.

Thank you.



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