3rd World Frame of Reference

Why would I bring my kids to work a week at corner of love in Nicaragua? I want to give them a third-world frame. In order to give them a lasting global perspective, I would need to do more than point out the struggles and problems the people and children of Nicaragua face. I would need to do more than point out the differences in lifestyle, and do more than tell my kids to be thankful. What I need to do is show them how they can help comma how they can do something even while in the US and show them how they can get their friends involved. 


This week I came face-to-face with Nicaraguan. I saw what results when there is not a government in place to take care of the basic infrastructure such as providing clean drinking water. I saw What Becomes of the people that are the source of cheap labor in their own country. I saw it happens when people struggle just for basic survival. my kids saw people and children who needed medical help. They saw kids who enjoyed Sports and balloon animals. My daughter saw a new ecosystem of animals and insects to Chase and explore. My son saw new sporting challenges and language barriers to overcome.

We saw different things but we saw it together. This gives me the opportunity to draw from their real experience and ask questions about things we can do back home to benefit Nicaraguan in the years to come. 

I can’t give my experience to my kids. I can’t talk them into empathy. I can’t show them pictures until they care enough to act. All I can do is bring them here to Nicaragua and hope they see the need. I hope they can see the people. I hope they see how they can do something. 



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