A Trio of Terrific Father-Son Road Trips for Fall


Many kids open up while riding in the car with their dad. There is something about being out on the road that prompts them to spill what’s on their hearts. The fact that they’re behind or to the side of you probably doesn’t hurt, either; sometimes, being away from direct eye contact inspires the best philosophical moments.

With this in mind and fall break coming up, why not take advantage of this temperate time of year and plan a road trip with your favorite passenger? Check out the following ideas:

El Paso to Odessa, Texas

If your son is a football nut, take him to a town in Texas that practically bleeds football.As Dish notes, Odessa is home to the Permian Panthers, a team that was featured in the book “Friday Night Lights” (and the movie and TV series). You can start off in El Paso — stay the night at a local motel and watch the movie on your tablet to pique your son’s interest. The next day, take your time driving the four or so hours to Odessa. Once you are there, you can drive to the school and take selfies in front of it before catching a Permian Panthers game in person, along with the local residents.

Los Angeles to San Diego, California

If your son would rather play with Legos than eat, a trip to Legoland is in order. Set aside a long weekend and start off in Los Angeles—depending on how much time you have, you might want to visit the Disneyland in Anaheim for a day filled with Minnie and Mickey. Then head south about 100 miles on I-5 to Carlsbad, stopping along the way for lunch. You can either spring for a Lego-themed hotel room at the park’s hotel, or if the idea of spending the night with plastic pirates staring at you does not appeal to you, drive to nearby San Diego for lodging.

One of the cool things about the park is that there are displays, rides and activities for kids and adults of all ages. If your son is in the preschool set, he will adore the Duplo-themed areas, while your teenage son will appreciate the towns and models built from Legos along with the rides.

Jackson, Wyoming to Big Sky, Montana

For father-son teams who adore getting into the great outdoors, consider a rustic road trip from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to Big Sky, Montana. The 182-mile journey along Moose-Wilson Road to Grand Teton National Park will allow plenty of chances to see bald eagles, bears and moose.

Once you arrive in Big Sky, visit Geyser Whitewhater in Yellowstone National Park and arrange for a guided raft trip down the Gallatin River. Be sure to pack your fishing poles and check out the area’s many creeks, which are packed with hungry brook trout. When it’s time to snooze, head to Whitewater Inn; kids younger than 10 stay for free, and the rooms are spacious and clean.




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