Find Your Way Around Orlando with Official Apps

There’s no denying it: many cities around the world are becoming more and more in touch with mobile platforms, and Orlando isn’t falling behind. Last year, the Orlando Sentinel ran a story about how some of Orlando’s theme parks had now taken to offering smartphone-based services to their visitors in order to improve their overall experience.

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It doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. The parent company of mobile gaming website Pocketfruity, reported that the growth in mobile internet is one of the fastest growing trends on the internet landscape, and some experts estimate that by 2017, 83% of all internet usage will be done via mobile phones. Many of the people who travel to Orlando and visit its theme parks are already looking up information on their smartphones, and the city has come to recognize it as a great way to get information across.

This is why the city has released several official apps that aim to make traveling around Orlando easier. A collection of 9 apps has been launched on Visit Orlando, with some apps dedicated to some of the bigger theme parks (Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando), and some giving more diverse support. An “Official Visitor Guide” app has been launched for free on both iTunes and Google Play stores, and there’s even an app that helps tourists find parking spaces and keep track of airport schedules available. For those traveling on their own vehicles, live traffic updates are also available through Florida 511, a free iOS app that keeps you on top of the traffic situation no matter where you are in Florida.

These apps are certainly a great choice for those traveling to Orlando, and tourists will be glad to know that you can now navigate this great city with ease, as long as you have your trusty smartphone with you.



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