Tire Maintenance Tips for Successful Family Road Trips

The last thing you want to deal with while on vacation is a tire problem. Some things can occur unexpectedly, but following these tire maintenance tips will help prevent some possible issues.


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Tire Pressure

According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association ‘s (RMA) Tire Pressure Survey in 2014, 69% of vehicles had at least one under inflated tire. Under inflated tires waste gasoline, increase the risk of tire damage and cause premature tire wear. Checking your tire pressure only takes a few minutes and can greatly improve your safety on the road. Purchase a digital tire pressure gauge and keep it in your car so you can check the tire pressure at any time. The best time to check tires is when they are cold – before driving or 3 hours after driving.

Tire Tread

Use the penny test to check your tire tread. Once your tires have only 2/32” of tread depth remaining, it is time to replace your tires or get them rotated. Having enough tread in your tires is very important, as this is how your tires grip the road.  Check the tire tread before a road trip to keep you and your family safe!

Check for Cracks or Bulges

Before beginning a long drive, thoroughly check all your tires for wear and tear, cracks, and bulges. It is much better to notice a problem before the trip so you can get it fixed and not experience a blowout or flat tire.

Alignment and Rotation

Properly rotating your tires every 5-8,000 miles can add to the life of your tires. Before going on a road trip, take your car to a tire dealer to check the alignment and rotate your tires.


By Guest Author: Lauren Byrd

Lauren is a contributing writer and media specialist for Mavis Discount Tire. She regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle and automotive blogs based around driver safety tips, auto service tips, and more.



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