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The Pacific Tree Frog – one of the many things that can be found when wandering my own Pacific Northwest.

As a native and lifelong resident of Washington State, you could say that I’ve seen and done what is to be seen and done. But since having children seven years ago, my eyes have been opened up to doing these things for a different reason. It’s my job and my goal to instill in them the same love I have for my evergreen state and all the beauty it provides. As I have worked toward this, I’m continually surprised at how little I know and how much more I am eager to seek out.

As my children have grown into the curious elementary age, it’s proven to be the perfect window of opportunity to wander within our state and seek out the little crevices and corners that I may have missed in my more hurried adult pace. While it seems more exciting or exotic to hop on a jet plane and immerse ourselves in another culture, the one we’re raised in is equally important and shouldn’t be ignored.

As I plan outings and learning opportunities for my children, I’m continually humbled by how little I’ve wandered into this magnificent state that I claim to know. I have not met all four corners, camping is a new (if albeit challenging) experience for me and I’m still learning the flora and fauna of our varied landscapes. I’ve yet to truly wander through the several forests or large cities we boast about.

The lesson I’ve learned and the one I hope to pass to my children is that you don’t have to wander far to have your eyes opened. We have something worth seeking very close. We just need to go find it. We just need to wander near.


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Brienna lives in the great Pacific Northwest where she writes and grows a family. She travels, watches baseball and loves live music. She has previously written parenting articles for Patch.com and music reviews for Seattle Wave Radio.

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  1. Brad the Dad says:

    “As I plan outings and learning opportunities for my children, I’m continually humbled by how little I’ve wandered into this magnificent state that I claim to know.”

    We recently did a Boston Duck Tour with our boys, and to be honest, I came away kinda feeling like a jerk. I work in demolition and practically live in Boston as this is where most of the work is, so as we toured the city, and the tour guide pointed out historical site after historical site after historical site, I couldn’t help but remember all of the jobs I did that were just up the street or right around the corner. All of this unbelievable history sitting right under my nose, and here I was looking around for the closest Dunkin Donuts. I vowed that day to make it a priority to appreciate the history in my “backyard” and to make sure I passed this along to my children.

    Part of me wishes I had the awesome landscapes that I see in your pics of the PNW, but to your point in the article, it’s my job as a parent to make sure my kids are fully immersed in the culture they are being raised in. I couldn’t agree with your article more and think we would all be served well to appreciate this perspective as well as pass it along to those we know.

  2. My grandfather would agree. He always wondered why people left the U.S. when there was so much to see here. Great post!

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