Leave Your Kids, But Don’t Go Far

leave your kids

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You need time apart.  It’s just that simple.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

What is the kiss of summer without knowing the bitter taste of winter?  The savory experience of a well prepared filet without knowing about all the times you’ve had it otherwise?  Knowing without a doubt how great of a classic song you are listening to if not for hearing so much modern mediocrity?

Leave your kids.  For yourself and for them, and when you see them again, being together will be that much sweeter.  But during this break, it’s all about the two of you.

Forty-five minutes away we went.  Zero stress getting there, less than zero coming back.

That part of the equation might have been the most important of all.  We were there in a blink and in our hotel room with a bottle of red cracked open before anything was even unpacked.  You know what we were most excited about after that, and maybe is even a contender for truly being the most important part of the equation?

Sleeping in.

Don’t underestimate this part.  Sleep is what our minds need and our bodies crave.  Sleep, that which is often the first thing to be sacrificed in the balance of parenthood.

Try it out.  On the first morning, wake up a few hours later than you normally do, go grab breakfast and some coffee, then come back to your bed and sleep some more.  There is plenty of time to get out there and see the sights and culture, and at worst, just make a late dinner reservation to allow for extra time in doing so.  It doesn’t matter if you’re wrapping up dinner at 10:30 pm with an eye on going somewhere else afterwards, you’ll have the next day to sleep in all over again.

See what’s local to you, and see it rested.  There is great stuff within a short driving distance of all of us, probably even things you’ve never seen before, and it may just be as simple as going north when you normally go south, west when you normally go east.

We went to Portsmouth, NH instead of Boston, MA.  Our original plans for a Boston trip got sidetrack by snow, so I make no claim of nobility here, but when we rescheduled, we did in Portsmouth.  We truly would have been happy spending time in either city, but the thing that turned out great about Portsmouth was that it was unexpected.  We knew if we went to Boston we would be wowed (again) by our local city and love every second of it, but what we didn’t expect was to be charmed off our feet by Portsmouth.

A historic seaport and great walking city, we had a phenomenal time in Portsmouth, NH and will definitely go back.  Multiple times.


Camping in tents, staying at hotels, bunking up in cabins, or renting a house are all on the table for taking such a getaway trip.  Keep it simple, stick to things you love doing, and please don’t go far.

Do this with the mother/father of your children and do it without the pressures of getting to and from, or, waking up and going to sleep.  Not to mention your piece of mind knowing that you can be home in a flash if the situation ever called for it.

It’s good for your kids to experience and conquer the uncertainty of you being away as much as it is for us.

My wife and I came home relaxed, recharged, and reconnected.  We came home with hearts grown fonder and couldn’t wait to see our boys.

And, we were home by noon.

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  1. When I go away for a conference, which averages four nights away from my family, I miss them terribly and can’t wait to come home and see them again.

    • 4 nights is not a short time by any stretch to be away from the family. Silver lining on the heart growing fonder thing, but still can’t be easy. Thanks for checking in, Christina.

  2. Dude. My wife and I need one of these weekends BADLY. Got to make this happen.

    • I highly suggest it. It was honestly one of the better weekends together we’ve had in a long time. And I swear, the proximity and sleeping in parts had everything to do with. The great food and ample wine helped though.

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