The Great Divide: A Road Trip Essential


The Beginning
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  1. happiestdaddy says:

    Love it. I need to get some of that privacy glass.

    • Me? I just want some of those sweet, chiseled features that Michael is so kind enough to give my cartoon counterpart.

      • Just keep working out brother. Let the cartoon be an inspiration to you!

    • Anything is possible in comics!

  2. James Hudyma says:

    Ha!!! That would be awesome. I’d like a robotic arm to grab stuff off the van floor so we don’t have to dislocate our shoulders.

    • How we haven’t gotten into 20+ accidents when attempting that exact thing is beyond me. Or we can just glue these items to their hands and remove the problem entirely?

  3. Left Coast Dad says:

    As Levon and Barry would say… “AAwwwww YEEAAAHHH!”

  4. Or as it would sound with this divider, “AAwwwwww Y….”

  5. DaddyBriefs says:

    Do DVD systems help? My SUV came with a DVD system, but my son is not old enough to enjoy it as he sits in a reverse facing car seat.

    • We have a portable one and it helps. Our theory is to “get out of the gates strong” and kind of limp to the finish line (typically a 4 hour trip), so we are not opposed to breaking out a DVD early on.

      At the rear facing car seat stage, we always had success with those clip on mobile things that play soothing music and have hanging animals, etc… Although sometimes I want to just open the door on the highway and throw myself out of the moving vehicle after hearing these songs for the 100th time, but in the big pictures, they do help.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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