Local Travel Can Be Very Rewarding

I think it is important to travel.  Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hop in a plane and cross the globe.  Sometimes it means camping at a nearby site or a short road-trip.

Local traveling:

  • typically inexpensive
  • quality family time
  • builds a sense of local pride.

There are some hidden gems only hours from your home and whether you go out there for the adventure and some photos or as a stop en route to a further destination, I believe the trip is worth it.

Just outside Grande Prairie is a beautiful little town called Beaverlodge.  Beaverlodge features the world’s largest beaver.  Photo-ops with the gigantic beaver are a big hit with the local dudes.

This photo was taken on August 4, 2009 in Beaverlodge, Alberta, CA, using a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS.

Being Ukrainian, our family had to stop in Vegreville, Alberta every time we were within 100km of it.  Our family vacation photos always feature a picture of the kids by the giant Pysanky.  This of course led to some pretty lame family jokes.

That would be one big chicken!

Or a chicken with a really sore butt!

The Vegreville Egg, a giant egg commemorating the Mountie’s 100th anniversary, located at Vegreville.
I, Myke Waddy took this photo on August 15th 2008 in Vegreville Alberta.

I’m from Saskatchewan and it is there I developed my love for local travel.  One day, before we had kids, a group of us decided to visit Climax, Saskatchewan.  The guys traveled in one vehicle and women in the other.  Of course the guys reached Climax way before the gals.  Once we arrived we were really excited and then, inexplicable, I just wanted to take a nap.

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Tell me about your favorite local destination?



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  1. ManvDadhood says:

    I love doing some local exploration.  Growing up in Seattle, I took a friend who was visiting up  in the Space Needle for the first time in about 20 years, and reminded myself of how awesome it is.  It is nice to instill some local pride and enjoy the family time as well.  

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