How Human Rights will Benefit from Animal Liberation

Many people don’t realize the close connection between animal rights and liberation with human rights and freedom. But the truth is that human rights will become stronger if people work together to help animals around the world who are tortured, confined, and slaughtered every day.

From animals that suffer on meat, dairy, egg, and fur farms, to those in laboratories and those that are forced to perform in circuses and marine parks, there are so many creatures all over the planet who need your help. And by liberating them, individuals can come together to liberate humanity from the hatred and closed-mindedness that keeps people from enjoying peace. Continue reading to learn more about how human rights will benefit from animal liberation and the support of non-profit organizations like Dancing Star Foundation.

More Compassionate People

There is a connection between people who abuse animals and those who abuse people. Many times, criminals who go after fellow humans started off, even at a young age, abusing and killing animals. They then end up doing the same heinous things to people.

Therefore, if humans were raised from when they are children to understand that animals deserve their rights and freedom just as much as people do, and if they were taught that abusing animals and taking advantage of them is wrong, they could create a more compassionate society that understands that they should all work on helping the vulnerable.

More Food for Everyone

Much of the grains that are grown throughout the world are used to feed livestock and other farm animals. The land that these animals are raised on is also polluted to the point that it is destroyed and can no longer grow crops.

But if the animals are liberated, farmland could instead be used to grow a variety of foods, from fruits and vegetables, to grains and more. On top of that, less land, especially forests, would need to be cleared for grazing. The food grown could then be used to help reduce hunger all over the world.

A Cleaner Environment

Speaking of farms that create pollution, there will be less waste that contaminates soil, water, and air if animals are freed. It has been documented that farming animals uses up not only a lot of land, but also a lot of water, and the waste and gases produced are major contributors to climate change.

So if you care about the environment, it’s a good idea to eliminate animal products from your life, including fish, as the oceans are being depleted and other species suffer from mass fishing operations.

As you can see, by extending compassion to all living beings and understanding that all creatures, from those that live in the sea to those that fly in the sky, want nothing more than to be happy and free, people can create a more sustainable way of life. The environment will benefit from animal liberation, and people will begin to shift the way that they view one another because they’ll be open-minded enough to respect human life because they value animal life just as much.


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