This Dad Knows Why Kids Need Jellyfish

Kids on lap, you open a brilliantly illustrated children’s book and before you read a single word, your children are hooked. Their imaginations are already starting to predict what the story will be about. As you read, the words and images work together to take them on a magical journey.

Children’s books are essential for so many reasons. They are the introduction to the world of written stories. The artwork is always so intriguing and the stories are full of rhythm and creativity. Through children’s books we begin to pass on the wonderful gift of reading. There can never be too many children’s books.

Chris Routly is a very talented artist and writer who would like to bring a little magic to your home in the form of his children’s book, Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish. In order to make that happen, he needs your help.

Please check out Chris’ Kickstarter Page and do what you can to help him share his wonderful talent with the world. Most importantly, with your help we’ll all know why:

Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish

Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish Routly
sometimes you need a jelly fish christopher routly

Check out Daddy Doctrines on Facebook, Twitter, and his website: Daddy Doctrines.

**Images used with permission from Chris Routly.


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