Movie Preview: Island of Lemurs

Kids at island of lemurs madagascar

This past Saturday I went with my kids to the Boeing IMAX Theater in the Seattle Science Center.  If you have nor seen a movie on this 6-story behemoth, then you have not truly lived.  My kids are 4 and 7 years old, and I have been to this theater once before, and worried that the size and sound, which is also amazing, would have been too much for them to handle.  I could not have been more wrong.  They loved the true IMAX experience, and the movie we watched.

kids at IMAX

We went to a screening of Island of Lemur: Madagascar, which is released in theaters on April 4th.  They had seen the trailer for this movie before watching The Lego Movie, and were excited to be able to go see it.  I’ve taken my kids to see movies in 3D before, but this was a whole new experience.  In fact, several times I had to grab my 7-year-old who kept standing up to try and reach out and pet the lemurs.  I was unable to take any (legal) video during the film, but if you are debating taking the kids to an IMAX feature, this is the one to go see.  The running time for the film is around 45 minutes, the visuals are amazing, and your kids will have a great time learning how to move and sound like lemurs.

The movie is narrated by Morgan Freeman, which means you are captivated from the first word he says.  I was waiting for him to mention how Andy Dufresne was doing, but that is a silent hope I have whenever I hear his voice.  As with all stories of endangered animals, the theme is one of conservation.  However it is not thrown in your face as it was in older movies like Fern Gully, but rather it shows how a small group of scientists and doctors are working to track and monitor the amazing animals.  You may even see some parallels to the movie Rio while engaged in a short love story arc.

When it comes to finding movies that the kids will enjoy and won’t give the parents a brain aneurism, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar is one I would definitely recommend.  You get to learn about these great animals without feeling like you just paid to watch an animal right public service announcement.  You kids will enjoy it, and they will leave the theater howling and leaping like little lemurs.  Get your kids close, and watch the trailer below, then make this movie your next family outing.



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