Booing Justin Bieber Was UnCanadian

Justin Bieber was the recipient of the Fan Choice Award at the 2014 Juno Awards ceremony. My initial response was disappointment. After all the poor choices he’s made lately, I thought, How can Canadian fans still support this guy? Then, I thought realistically about it.

Beliebers are preteen girls, not 40 y.0. parents, and his poor choices are part of what they love about Justin Bieber. Scandal was more of a magnet than a repellent when I was a kid and I’m sure nothing’s changed for today’s youth. Besides, JB has a huge online following so him winning an award based on online voting shouldn’t have been surprising.

In amongst my thoughts my wife asked, “Is that booing?” I listened carefully. Yep. It was booing. Instantly, I felt awkward. Booing isn’t what Canadians do, especially on national television at a ceremony meant to celebrate Canadian music and achievement in the Canadian recording industry. Considering the context, the booing was in poor taste. Canadians certainly do express negative opinions, but usually in trusted company. Public booing is unCanadian.

I’m sure the booing was directed at JB, but it was a fan choice award. Therefore the booing was also directed at the voters implying, your choice is boo-worthy. Choice is something Canadians value. Booing choice is unCanadian.

I’m certain Justin Bieber doesn’t really care if a group of people booed him at a ceremony he didn’t even attend. Besides, he won the fan choice award, so how significant are a small group of haters to him? Haters gonna hate. Although the Belieber backlash is growing, it certainly doesn’t seem to be hurting his ego or his bank account. Justin Bieber’s reputation is irrelevant. He won. Booing his victory was unsportsmanlike. Being unsportsmanlike is unCanadian.

What would’ve been the Canadian thing to do?

A Canadian who receives very poor service at a restaurant still leaves a tip, a very small tip. You see, a small tip is worse than leaving nothing because it puts a value on the service. The Canadian way to show disdain towards JB should’ve been lackluster applause.


Love him or hate him, booing JB at the 2014 Junos was unCanadian.

Love him or hate him, booing JB at the 2014 Junos was unCanadian.

Feature Image: CTV Television Screen Capture. Creative Commons. 2012.

Photo credit: adam sundana / Foter / CC BY-SA


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