February is Heart Month

February is a month of hearts and therefore aptly titled Heart Month. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, heart-shaped merchandise is available in every store’s seasonal section. After the 14th it’s all moved to the clearance aisle. There’s another heart that takes center stage in the month of February and hopefully we never see it in the clearance aisle.

What is Heart Month?

Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation’s biggest fundraising campaign, Heart Month, is run every February and has since 1958. Besides raising money, the campaign raises awareness about the impact of heart disease and promotes various preventative strategies. If you’re interested in supporting the cause either by canvassing or by donation just head to their website.
February is Heart Month

Heart Health

In the spirit of Heart Month I did a little digging to see if I could put together some quick and useful information for you. After researching several websites, there seems to be 3 main tips to being heart healthy and I’m guessing most of you could predict all three. Remember I’m not a doctor and if you are looking for professional advice, see a physician.

  1. Stay active.
  2. Eat healthy.
  3. Don’t smoke.

Now it isn’t always that simple. We’re busy. Healthy food is often more expensive than processed food. Furthermore, some people are prone to heart disease and for some there are outlying medical or hereditary conditions beyond leading a heart healthy lifestyle. In any case, I hope you have a Heart Healthy February that lasts for a lifetime.

For some great heart healthy recipes check out What would Cathy eat?

The American Heart Association has an outstanding website for all your Heart Health questions.

Do you have a heart health story you’d like to share? Any tips or tricks to keep your ticker ticking? Please share in the comments below.

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