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*Editors note: We are thrilled to introduce a new feature where we highlight some of what the many dad bloggers have written in the past week.  We are even more thrilled to introduce Bill Peebles who has agreed to spotlight some of the more entertaining or thought provoking pieces that he has read. Bill has his own corner of the internet with his own blog ihopeiwinatoaster.


I read dozens, probably more, of blogs a week. Some are well known, some are up-and-comers, some live under the radar, some have very few views or likes or friends or whatever, others are well-supported. The embarrassing truth is I don’t know who is big and who isn’t, mostly because it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t really plan to pay much attention to that. All Dad Blogs, in my opinion, share something in common – Love, capital “L”. I’d like to focus on that, especially as I begin this.

To narrow this down to just five or so a week will be difficult and, here’s the deal, I’d like you to wait until you read this whole piece before you go to any of the links. Is that okay? I’d hate to see the last blog not get any love because we lost you on the first.


Ruddy Bits

Cort, of The Ruddy Bits, wears his love on his sleeve and wrote a very amusing post about improvising his way through some of the more, well, tedious or over utilized, shall we say, books he reads to his children every night. It is a funny, well-written piece and his love for his children shines from between the lines. He reads Suess in a Droopy Dog voice, that’s way funny.
The universality of raising kids is something that I see so very often. I’ve heard complaints that we all basically write the same things over and over. I see that as a good thing.



Child Man Child

LB, the “Man-Child” at the blog Child, Man-Child takes a look at some baby toys. Here is what he did. “I thought I would do a mini review of each of his current toys he is using. I have my patented JUDGEMENT SCALE, and I have figured the 7 best things to judge them on. Suitability For Baby Eating, Educational, Durability, Fun Level, Danger Level!, Parent Annoying-ness Level, and Does Bert Like It?” The toys are all familiar and his tone is loving and tender. And, Bert’s comments are hilarious.



Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.58.39 PM

I love story-telling and it seems to be a real catch-phrase these days in the blogging community. That’s always a good thing. In a piece on Twin Dad Talks, Mike tells a present tense story about getting his kids ready for an adventure in the snow. You know the story, you could tell it, that’s why it is so real and, again, it cherishes his daughters in a way only the slice-of-life tone can convey. It is a wonderful read. Making memories is essential, and this post shows that.



There Scared Dad

I have a personal regret about my blog, two really, I wish I’d have gone anonymous – although in my heart I know that would have been impossible – and, I wish I’d started earlier writing about my boys. Robert at The Scared Dad started blogging even before his first child was born. His post about whether or not dog-owning prepares you for child-raising is not the first along these lines, nor the last, but, it is the first one I’ve read that gives a pretty good defense of the subject. I look forward to seeing how his journey proceeds.



Puzzling Posts

I’ve been following, and very much enjoying, Puzzling Posts for quite some time now. This post opens with “My daughter reminded me the other day that just because I think something is true doesn’t mean she’s going to think that’s true unless I repeatedly drill my truth into her.” I think that he gently takes on a difficult subject, gender specific colors, and does it from a very loving and moving perspective. He said something that is still echoing in my mind: “Because all it requires to change your child’s opinion is to talk to them.” Many folks have taken this subject on, but this author (I’ll always respect any bloggers anonymity) really seemed to present it so freshly and purposefully that I looked at it with fresh eyes and renewed purpose.



In the vast history of the innerwebs there has never been a more subjective piece than what you’ve just read. The opinions are mine and mine alone. I’ll be back, if the guys here will have me. Thanks for letting me share this, it’s a real honor.



The Beginning
About ihopeiwinatoaster

I am a SaHD to twin nearly nine year old boys. I write an innocuous blog with dozens of followers. I believe in cherishing, honoring and respecting children, your children, my children, all children.

I coach sometimes, I volunteer at the schools, I play guitar when I can. I also prepare over a thousand meals a year for my family.

I believe in hope. I believe in dreams. I believe in love.

Oh, and I hate computers.

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  1. Robert says:


    I sincerely appreciate the fact that you included The Scared Dad on this list. I’m honored that people are actually reading, let alone sharing my blog!

    Also, thanks for expanding the horizons to all the rest of the blogs on here. I’m always looking for a good like-minded read!

    Thanks again.


  2. Thanks for the recommendations! Always looking for good blogs to check out!

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