The Jon Gosselin Interview Part 2

On July 10th, Dads Round Table sat down with Jon Gosselin to conduct an exclusive interview with the former reality show star.  In the first part of the interview, Jon opened up about the show, his kids, and his very much public divorce.  In the 2nd and final part of the interview, Jon talks candidly about Kate, being seen as a scapegoat, his feelings on keeping his kids safe, and the legacy he wants to leave for his children.


Do they actively plot against you?

They don’t plot against me and I know whose lying. I don’t go to the girls because they’ll lie right to my face. I’ll go to Aaden. He’ll look right at the ground every single time. ‘Is that true?’ (Jon puts his head down playing out how his oldest boy does) Apparently not (Laughs).

So, moving to where you did, obviously it was for privacy sake, which is understandable, but was it also for security?

Oh yeah, for security. I’m a licensed gun owner. I used to have bodyguards. Even when my former wife was still filming without me, she and the kids had bodyguards. But I didn’t own custody so for 4 days a week, I don’t have a bodyguard but when they go home they do have a bodyguard so how do you…sorry, I’ve been carrying a gun for a long time.

Is that fear any time you walk out the door? Are you afraid of what some nut might do?

I’m always looking around. I’m blind when I’m by myself. If you want to take my picture, take the picture, I don’t care. When I’m with the kids, I absolutely care. I absolutely care because I don’t know those people. There are a lot of pedophiles, miscreants, there’s crazy stuff happening in the world, people abduct kids all the time, you see it all the time, so I’m always chambered when I’m with the kids. I’m ready to go. You know what I mean? I’ll protect them to the end of the earth. If I didn’t carry, how am I going to protect them? If someone comes up with a gun and says give me your child and I don’t have any way to protect myself, what am I going to do?

It would certainly seem to be more present for you than anyone else?

Always walk in front of me. When we go to Walmart they want to go look at the toys, they can be two aisles away from me and always have to check in. They don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom, just tell me you’re going to the bathroom. I have to know where they are. You can lose them so quickly. They’ll just get distracted or talk to someone. They’re very congenial, so they’ll talk to people in the grocery store. It’s a different sense. It’s almost like being a bodyguard. You’re not looking at yourself; you’re looking at them and what’s around. We went through training, what to look for. We had media training, what to say what to not say in public. You never give away locations.

Is that why, in your recent VH1 interview, you said you were living, “In the woods”?

And that was a play on words, ‘I’m living in the woods’. It is true I’m physically living in the woods but I’m also living in the woods because I don’t know what my path is yet. So I’m in the woods, I take a path; if it doesn’t work out I come back to the woods. It’s my safe haven. It’s literal and figurative.

Was it done on purpose, coming to this area, with the mindset of needing a safe haven?

I can’t live in an apartment. I liked my neighbors but I can’t live there. In retrospect, I don’t mind living there as a single person but with kids, it’s crazy. You know when I lived in my apartment, it was 30% occupancy. Now the complex is around 85-90%. The kids used to run up and down the hallways. No one was there except the paparazzi.

Do you think there will ever be a time when they stop?

Oh yeah, they’re not now because we’re not relevant now. That’s what I was trying to explain to my former wife. Every time she mentions my name or wants to keep the brand going and stuff like that, I become relevant. I do get offers to do a lot of stuff; I just pick and choose what I want to do and what’s best for me. Some people pay, some people don’t pay, it doesn’t matter. It’s just either added income or not added income. It’s about what I want to do.

Then you get to pick and choose by thinking about what will or what won’t affect the kids? Take a deeper look instead of being told what to do?

Right. And I have a tight group of friends who protect me and my children. They won’t say anything. Most people don’t know who my friends are. You’ll know when we’re out because they’ll surround me and protect me because I can’t do certain things or else it will be in the paper instantaneously.

Do the kids ever mention that they miss the show?

They miss traveling.

They miss the benefits of the show more than the show itself?

Yeah, of course, who wouldn’t? Everything was paid for but they filmed it. That was our sacrifice. Most people don’t get to spend the night at the Essex House in New York City. It’s $5,000 a night (Jon laughs in almost disbelief). They got to go to Australia. They got to go here, they got to go there. They’re not even 10 years old yet.

Any of the kids show any interest in show business?

I don’t know…maybe Mady, I don’t know? But that’s their choice when they turn 18. If they came to me now, there would be a discussion.

I’ve read that you and your former wife have made peace with each other?

That’s not true.


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  1. Jackie says:

    This was a terrific interview and glad to see that Jon has finally been freed of the shackles and chains that is TLC and former wife. This goes to show how greedy and immoral this network was towards a family that was imploding and did nothing to help. They actually made it worse in order to garner ratings and viewership. Jon and the kids were just ‘collateral damage’ in the process and the former wife did everything she could and is still trying to exploit and market the kids by posting their pictures on Twitter as well as her website.

  2. Daphne says:

    Very good interview. I would love to see Jon on tv again if that’s what he wants to do. Horrible what his former wife did and continues to do to him and his children. Best of luck to him and if I ever win the lotto I’d give him a huge chunk because he deserves it. Jon can breathe easy knowing he’s doing the right thing for his kids, his former wife, not so much.

  3. Excellent interview. You are a wonderful Dad ,Jon and your kids will always know that no matter what they hear otherwise. I am glad you took this opportunity to let everyone see how intelligent, kind and loving you are. Good luck in all you do.

  4. Ann says:

    You’re on the right course, Jon. Your kids are fortunate to have you as their father. You did the right thing to pull the plug on TLC. TLC uses and abuses very vulnerable people – innocent children and adults with problems. They are then tossed to the curb when the ratings inevitably drop. The families are left to deal with the long-term, damaging effects of TLC’s expoitation.
    All the best to you and your children.

  5. This is an excellent interview. Jon, and all divorced parents dealing with an extremely narcissistic ex partner, has to work especially hard to make sure his children feel free of guilt and not responsible for their primary parent’s unhappiness. It was very clear from watching the show that Kate Gosselin puts full responsibility of her own happiness, anger, upset – the full gamet of over-emotional upheaval – on the shoulders of her children – well, and Jon before he left. My own father never stepped in to protect his five children from this horrible burden of blame our mother placed on us for our entire lives. Sadly, on his deathbed, my father said not stepping in to protect us from this was his only regret in life. Fortunately, the Gosselin children will have the honesty of Jon’s support and hours and hours of their recorded childhood to help them sort out what happened later on in life.

  6. lrc says:

    Excellent interview. I know that Jon paid an astronomical monetary price to free himself and his children from an unhealthy marriage/family life and the long tentacles/contracts of TLC, but it’s good to know that Jon realizes the huge gift he gave his children by giving them their freedom. What he sacrificed in tangible goods and money he’s gained a hundred fold in moral character and the love and respect from his family and the public who recognize why he made the hard and correct decisions.

    Kudos Jon.

  7. annastasia says:

    I will never forget the Drama the day Former Wife sat crying on t.v., saying she had a purseful of bills that she could not pay-sniff,sniff-and after that pitiful performance, asked to go for lunch to NOBU, a very pricey restaurant. How quickly she forgot about that purseful of bills. I wish you nothing but the best for you and your children, am so glad that they have a normal, intelligent, loving father. They struck gold in that department, and is worth far more than the pile of money that Former Wife is sitting on. I so wish you would write your book, so the whole world would know what TLC and Former Wife put you through. You have every right to tell your story. Peace:)

  8. Great interview. I’m glad Jon is speaking out. He’s the real deal.

  9. Pennsylvania gal says:

    Well done! Thank you for doing this insightful and relaxed interview. Jon made an enormous sacrifice for the welfare of his children. I’ll bet that house in the woods is cozy, warm and filled with laughter, a place where privacy and comfort are more important than product placement. Reality without a film crew, having real friends your own age, and a Dad who walked through fire to get you those things; priceless.

  10. Jessica says:

    Awesome interview, agree with the other commenters. It was always obvious that he had his kids’ best interests at heart.

  11. annastasia says:

    I hope that Jon lets them get their clothes dirty, and that they are no longer in fear of grass stains, ice-cream drips, and are allowed to use crayons and real finger paints! In fact, I would love to hear that Jon and his children have had a good old fashioned Food Fight!!

    • yayforjon says:

      All you have to see is the expression on their faces when they are around Jon. They look so calm and relaxed. I agree children need freedom. A few chores are okay but children should not be slaves for their parents. I was a slave for my mother and I could not go out and play and feel relaxed. I always felt burden and guilt. My kids always tell me they would relive their children in a heartbeat and those words mean more than a million dollars to me. They are the most responsible and well adjusted kids cause I gave them freedom to be children.

  12. Linda Barron says:

    I am so glad that Jon is getting his life together and he is free from that control freak ex-wife of his. He and the kids deserve to be happy. It took a lot of courage to leave all of that hot mess life behind him You go, Jon!

  13. Berks Gram says:

    Hey Thanks for giving this interview! I have wondered whatever happened to Jon and how his life was going. His “ex” is going to be sorry all the times she has thrown this man under the bus. Those kids will see/hear everything she said about him and it will backfire big time. It is truly sad she is so vindictive and hates Jon more than she loves her children. I wish Jon well and hope he WILL keep his calm and let the ex keep destroying herself with her vengeful antics.

  14. Ash says:

    I’m not trying to be funny, but this interview left me with more questions than I had before I started. I was a huge fan of the show. I understand why they got a divorce. However, I don’t understand why he is so upset with Kate. At the beginning of the interview he said, when the kids were first born he wondered how he would afford it. The network not only allowed him to afford it, but in my opinion they came out better than what they had. Kate played it smart. She is controlling, but lets face it. The children are well disciplined because of her. Jon is broke with no job. Did he really say it’s not important to provide for your kids financially? I wish I could just get up and leave a job. Say whatever you want about Kate, but she made it happen. She had to work hard to get your kids the finer things in life. They traveled and live in that nice house now because of Kate.

  15. shilohgirl says:

    I’m glad that Jon can now sleep at night knowing he is in the right place with his kids. I only disagreed with him on one item – he is responsible for his kids in every way, even financially. He doesn’t have to make millions, or sell his soul. But he has to work and give the kids the required percentage of his pay. It is another way to show his love and commitment to them. It sets a remarkable example – he mentioned his father and what a great role model he was. He seems to forget that this aside from the kind gestures shown, his dad was working, supporting his family.
    Other that that, Jon has figured it all out and has definitely matured. My prayer is that Kate will find it in her heart to be civil with Jon for the sake of those beautiful kids. They need two parents who will unite together for the children.
    Thanks for sharing such an honest and insightful interview.

  16. Marcy says:

    I just ran across this article when reading about Kate suing Jon. Marital property IS NOT stealing and even if he did take her journal someone had to expose the children’s abuse and her uncontrollable greed at their expense. It just never seems to end with her. She just always seems to want more, more, more and uses her children to get it. I hope Jon and the author of that book about her wipe the floor clean with her in this lawsuit. I know Jon got caught up in all of the fame and money for a while and acted like a juvenile but in my opinion he has always had the kids best interest at heart and came to his senses. Kate never came to her senses because she has no interest in any one’s well being but her own. I’m glad Jon finally cleared up what some of us already knew, they had already been separated for months before he started going out and dating again. He was living above the garage for months before he did that. Kate wanted the public to think he cheated on her. Someday those kids will truly understand what went on and Jon will be the winner he so deserves to be. I just hope he stays off the tv screen. That would be a huge mistake. Best of luck to Jon and his kids. Huge amounts of karma coming Kate’s way.

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