Father’s Day Gifts for the Soon-To-Be Dad

You are looking for a great Father’s Day gift. Maybe you know of a soon-to-be dad who is also a techie. Well here you go, Huggies has two great things to make your transition from pregnancy to fatherhood just a little bit easier.

Now even if this were real, it is actually a pretty cool concept. I said concept, OK. You won’t catch me wearing one of these belts to work, let alone in my own house. Quite frankly, I would rather use my hand to feel my wife’s belly and the baby kicking. I think we all know where even a little touching can lead, unless you are unable to keep up with your wife’s libido during pregnancy.

Huggies, made the commercial to sell diapers, and quite honestly, this is probably one of the more positive “dad centric” commercials that I have seen in a while. It is just too bad that they had to go overseas to make it.

While, I realize that many future dads are probably pretty excited about being a dad let’s look at the scary part of parenting, diaper changes. But Huggies has once again made it easy with their TweetPee!

father's day

Image Courtesy of Adweek

That’s right, this is a device that will tweet you when your little one has done their business. Whether you call this pure laziness to just open the diaper, or smell it for that matter, you have to stop and think, why didn’t someone think of this sooner. Again, if only this were real, your sons junk would look HUGE in his pants, impressing the ladies at daycare.

While you might have been fooled by the title of this article, everyone here at Dads Round Table would like to wish you a very happy Father’s Day.  We hope that you get something other then a tie.

Dads Round Table was in no way compensated to promote these products from Huggies, in fact, neither of these two devices are for sale.  We just thought that we would put a fun spin on the old gift post. Happy Father’s Day!


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