Teachers, Saving Lives, and Baseball Cards

Photo courtesy of Brienna McWade. Special thanks to Burien/Normandy Park Fire Department.

Photo courtesy of Brienna McWade. Special thanks to Burien/Normandy Park FD.

I wish we lived in a society that celebrated doctors, police officers, firemen, and teachers much like we do our professional athletes.  Simply put – I want them on baseball cards.

These men and women have ridiculously impressive stats just like athletes, but as a culture, we tend to celebrate our escapes, not our realities.

We definitely value those who answer these callings in life, selfless calls that put others ahead of their own needs and their own lives, but celebrate and talk about them as if they are the true role models in this world?  That which they deserve to be…

I’m afraid not.

I have no doubt that there are spinal surgeons out there, ones who have improved the quality of life of countless individuals, who deserve to be recognized much more than those with the most home runs.  Who cares about the stolen base leaders when there are police officers out there risking their lives and putting the cuffs on dangerous criminals and murderers to make our streets safer for us and our children?  What is more important, the players with the most RBIs in a season, or the number of women and children firefighters have pulled from burning buildings in that same amount of time?

And how about the teachers who help shape the lives of all of those who are saving them?

Behind every one of those heroes I mentioned above, people who give extreme amounts of their time and energy for the benefit of others and often risk their lives when doing so, is a teacher who helped them find, reach, and achieve their potential.  Teachers who helped them become the person they were meant to be, follow the passions inside their hearts they were meant to follow, and encouraged and fostered the natural skills and talents they were born with to help them discover their calling.

What about those stats?  What about those teachers out there who have not only taught and educated our Presidents and CEOs, but more importantly, the individuals who day in and day out preserve and save our lives?

These are all the people I want on baseball cards.

Why can’t this be a reality?  My boys, and pretty much every boy I’ve ever met or seen, love to play with fire trucks and police cars.  Love to pretend to be firemen and police officers.  How many of our children, boys and girls alike, have you seen playing with toy stethoscopes and pretending to be doctors?  All, or slightly less than all?  And yes, our children love role-playing as teachers too.  Passing out fake tests and “grading” papers are definitely frequent play-time activities of most kids I’ve known.

Ours kids have these passions when they are young, but at some point in their lives it becomes about professional athletes and entertainers.  Is this simply a natural progression of growing up?  Or do we, as parents, have to look at ourselves and wonder when and why this switch in values occurs and do more to help them hold onto those which really matter?  Maybe something as simple as this idea of creating “baseball” cards for the true heroes in this world would teach them how to recognize achievements that really matter.  Achievements that really count and deserve to be analyzed, ranked, and praised.

Give me a society where doctors, police officers, firemen, and teachers are celebrated on baseball cards, and maybe then I can comfortably tell my boys I’m proud of the world I brought them into.

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  1. Loved this post. Maybe I’m biased because my wife is a 1st grade teacher and I get to witness how much hard work, extra time, passion and dedication it takes to be a great teacher. Maybe. But I don’t think so. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the teachers out there! And Thank You!

    • I hear you about being a first-hand witness to the hard work, extra time, passion, and dedication as my wife is a 2nd grade teacher and does all of the same. The part I like best about teacher appreciation lately is that I’m seeing more and more creative gift ideas. You don’t have to drop (or are even allowed to anymore) a ton of $$ on gift cards and/or fancy gifts, it’s the thought that counts for these teachers. Spend some time on your teacher appreciation gifts, not $$$, and trust me they will cherish that much more.

  2. Yes! I too have witnessed first hand the dedication of teachers, first responders, and medical professionals.
    You make a great point saying our children pretend to be teachers and doctors while playing, and I too wonder when that shift occurs. How much of that is due to the influence of us as parents?

    • If I had to be honest with myself, I would think it has a lot/everything to do with us. My 5yo is already taking a liking to players like Marty Brodeur and Ilya Kovalchuck (super stars in hockey) because of my love for the NJ Devils and these same players.

      I should probably take the time to mock play teacher, etc… with my boys as much as we do hockey/soccer in the backyard….

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