After Boston: Hope, Awareness, Change

hope, awareness, changeHope.  Awareness.  Change.

Hope is stronger than fear,
a strength and resolve, worthy of tears.
Hope is healing, powerful and pure,
capable of anything, whether uncertain or sure.
Hope for Boston, hope for humanity.
Awareness is something we must own,
a responsibility that’s best, silently shown.
Awareness is important, a new reality,
only when ignored, the true calamity.
Awareness of the world, for the marathoners, for their causes.
Change is here and here to stay,
a hand we have been dealt, one we must play.
Change is hard, we lament for the past,
but all is not lost, if our good memories last.
Change for the better, change for yourself, change for others.
Be positive, be resolute, be kind.
Hope.  Awareness.  Change. 

–Founding fathers of Dads Round Table


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