#DadsRT Chat Shout Outs!

The Wednesday Night #DadsRT Chats are a great opportunity for us to really get to know and engage with our audience.  We enjoy debating and discussing the topic of the week, and also getting temporarily lost in side tangents as well.  We enjoy you, because you are more than an audience, you are our community.  We will be sharing some highlights of these chats in the weeks to come, but in preparation of tonight’s chat, here are some great tweets from some of our favorite people!

Teens and Cell Phone Privacy:

Staying Connected After Having Kids:

Some Older Chats:

This really is a great group of people that join us on Wednesday Nights.  We hope they continue to to keep coming back and that or community continues to grow.  If you want to see the transcript and the analytic report from last week’s chat, then you can find it by clicking HERE.

See you tonight at 6PST/9EST for #DadsRT



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