San Diego Padres Won’t Be Paying the Cardinals $7.5 Million Until 2018-2019

When the news recently surfaced that the San Diego Padres had traded Jedd Gyorko in a deal that would have the Padres handing $7.5 million over to the St. Louis Cardinals, most of the team’s fans weren’t too happy about the decision because of the cash involved. However, according to more recent reports the Padres won’t be paying any of that cash to the Cardinals until the 2018 and 2019 seasons.


According to the latest San Diego Padre news from the city’s Union-Tribune paper, the team will be paying $2.5 million to the Cardinals in 2018, with the remaining $5 million scheduled to be paid during the 2019 season. The Padres agreed to pay $7.5 million of the $33 million remaining on Gyorko’s contract to sweeten the deal for the Cardinals, who handed over Jon Jay in exchange.

A Deal that Allows for Financial Flexibility?

According to the Padres’ general manager, A.J. Preller, the team chose to structure the deal this way in order to facilitate better financial flexibility over the course of the next few seasons. As far as the short-term is concerned, the deal may actually save the Padres a couple million this season, considering the fact that Jay is owed $6.85 mil in 2016, while Gyorko’s average yearly salary is $8.25 mil. Plus, Jay Jon is scheduled to become a free agent after the 2016 season, so that could create the possibility for even more of the team’s salary cap being freed up.

Gyorko Failed to Live up to Expectations?

The Padres’ recent trade is somewhat surprising, considering the Padres had given Gyorko a $35-million extension after his stellar 2013 rookie season performance, during which he put up 23 home runs and tallied 63 RBI. In fact, many of the fans disgruntled over the trade are probably upset because they remember how much value Gyorko brought to the team in his debut season.


Unfortunately, the promising infielder hasn’t been able to match or top his first-year performance during either of the past two seasons, during which he averaged 54 RBI and 13 home runs. Thus, it appears the Padres’ management staff might have committed to overpaying Gyorko prematurely based on his sensational 2013 season.

Will Any of this Help the Team Win?

All the financial flexibility in the world won’t be able to fix an entire roster overnight, and with the Padres ranking low on the NL West offseason scoreboard, it could be a couple more years before the team becomes a considerable competitor in its conference.


Even so, there are still quite a few talented free agents available, including but not limited to Alex Gordon, Chris Davis, Ian Desmond, Scott Kazmir and Kenta Maeda. However, most analysts seem to think that the Padres would need to pick up at least a few of those names to even have a chance of contending with teams like the Giants, Diamondbacks and Dodgers, all of which are off to a much better offseason start.


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