Zero Goals, Zero Assists

Image courtesy of HAAP Media Ltd.

Image courtesy of HAAP Media Ltd.

His family and friends in attendance to watch his approach.

His father with him on the ice in his role as coach.

Rumors swirling that the next level hockey brass were there to watch his team play.

It was becoming hard to shake the feeling that this was shaping up to be one special day.

Determination was present and set in his face.

Fear of failure, not for this kid, not even a trace.

But not one puck found the back of the net, not a single pass connected for a score.

And when the final buzzer sounded his line was on the bench, his line left wanting more.

Teammates congratulated each other and opponents the same.

Handshakes took place and everyone said, “Good game.”

But during the time to reflect afterwards, everyone agreed.

It was his best game ever, his best effort, an example of how to lead.

Some might call his game a disappointment, with no stats next to his name.

But nothing could be further from the truth, not today, not this game.

Responsible for preventing more than a few goals by the other team.

He was everywhere on the ice, a blur of speed and determination clearly seen.

“I think your skates were on fire,” was told to him by another dad.

His father beaming with pride upon hearing this about his lad.

Zero goal, zero assists. On the stat sheet, he doesn’t show.

But he played his heart out and his best game ever. This, I know.


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  1. David Stanley says:

    Man oh man, do I know that feeling, as a player and coach. Great poem. Thanks!

  2. Happiest Daddy says:

    Your son is learning that stats don’t matter. It’s effort and example that count. Nicely done.

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