Top 10 Signs You’re Hosting A Super Bowl Party

Have strange happenings, sights, sounds, and smells invaded your abode?  Are you wondering what sort of mayhem has beseeched your home?  

Funny Humor Football Super Bowl Top 10 Signs You’re Hosting A Super Bowl Party

Perhaps you’re hosting a Super Bowl party.

But, how can you know for sure?  Here’s some symptoms to check for.

Top 10 Signs You’re Hosting A Super Bowl Party:

#10.  On Saturday your teenage son sits down on your sofa, and the sofa breaks. Collapses.  No warning – just kerplunk. Boom. Splinters flying.

#9.  Your garbage disposer and your oven are making the same groany, angry, near-death, “I dare you to try to use me” noise.

#8.  Your “sports crazy, always-watches-the-game-with-you, his favorite team is playing” teen decides that he should stay out all night Saturday night for a marathon video game session with friends, insuring he’ll be exhausted and grumpy during the game.  And, he forgets to ask permission to go.  And, he forgets to mention he is leaving.  And, he forgets to mention he’s borrowing your car (insuring that you’ll be exhausted and grumpy during the game, too).

Funny Humor Football Super Bowl Top 10 Signs You’re Hosting A Super Bowl Party

#7.  For the first time in the history of the world, CostCo is out of sour cream (this might also be a sign that the world is coming to an end, so I recommend that you pick up some extra cases of water bottles while you’re there, just in case).

#6.  Your hair refuses to stop doing The Wave.

#5.  Your 15 year old daughter, who usually makes deviled eggs with bacon bits for the festivities, announces she has just become a strict vegan.  If you missed the announcement, don’t worry, she’ll re-announce it to every person who enters your home or eats something for the next 3 months. Your 11 year old son will help to make it a smooth transition for her by announcing to her “Mmmm.  Animal parts!” every time he eats any non-vegetable item.

#4.  Someone has tried to flush that stupid stuffed toy seal you picked up in Nova Scotia, again, and the guest bathroom toilet is so clogged that the pipes are shaking.

Funny Humor Football Super Bowl Top 10 Signs You’re Hosting A Super Bowl Party

#3.  Your dog decides that, since it is so cold outside, the dining room table’s leg is a tree.  As are, apparently in his opinion, most of the chairs.

#2.  You have a 55 gallon drum of guacamole, 12 bushels of tortilla chips, and a case of antacid tablets in your garage.

#1.  Your husband says, “Hey Baby, I’ve got something big for you!” and he’s talking about the new 72” HDTV he purchased on the way home from work “so everyone can see the game clearly.”  He’s a giver like that.

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Do you plan to watch the Super Bowl?  Are you getting together with friends or family, or do you prefer to go solo so you have complete control of the remote?  Shoot me a comment.  You’re already here anyway & I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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