A Team of One

slap3They whined, they complained. They argued, but trained.

They worked hard as often as not. They cut each other in line, they fought.

It wasn’t until later that they started to gel. It wasn’t until later that their feelings did tell.

With a tap on the helmet I saw one of the first signs. A consideration for teammate within the lines.

Normally all about themselves and when can they score. An unselfish display of support for another, too much; want more.

They might just yet get it, the playing as one. It’s one of the main things we teach, aside from having fun.

Right now it’s that tap on the helmet that speaks volumes for me. I saw him do it twice; different kids, both in need.

The resulting smiles on their faces filled me with pride for days. And team confidence was built with those simple displays.

Soon they will understand that if they fail their teammates still consider them one. Someday they will know that this was their first true team, a team about fun.

A team of one.



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