Do You Have High Expectations For Your Kids In Sports?


With the first pick in the 2027 NBA Draft, the Toronto Raptors select Harrison Cusden out of the University of Michigan…..

A dad can dream can’t he? All of my favourite things culminating in one glorious moment that will shape the life of my son and our family.

No pressure right? No expectations at all. Just go from a kid in the driveway to the biggest stage in basketball. Now that a Canadian has become the top pick in what is still a very American sport, as witnessed by Anthony Bennett and most likely Andrew Wiggins next year, there are no limits. So, let’s keep the party going for many years to come. In particular, 2027 and 2030.

Pretty high expectations right?

Don’t worry, I am not some crazy guy running shooting drills with my son at 5 am. I am of course sharing a dream that plays out in my head all the time when I watch my son slam dunk a ball on his mini-net.

I am sure you have done it as well. Sitting around with friends and family arguing over what big time school your son will get a full scholarships to and what pro teams they will make. This is most common in our household during March Madness.

There is a definite fight for the ACC and the Big Ten going on.

For many parents out there, pro sports is a dream as well. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if our kids grew up to be professional athletes?


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A digital content creator, who has been at the blogging thing for almost a decade.Michael loves to write about sports, entertainment and now, his two boys and parenting. Father of two, husband to one and a griller to the Gods living in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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  1. Base-ketball. ‘Nuff said. lol!

  2. Brad the Dad says:

    This is a great piece, Michael. I love the personal feelings mixed in with links to real life sports references. Plus, your perspective is spot on, imo. “I want them to find a sport or skill they love. I want them to try whatever they want to try regardless of my personal opinions. I want them to be happy.”

    Same with me. My oldest is a hockey nut. Like, a complete nut. At 5 he knows the rosters of his favorite team(s), he knows all the NHL teams and most of the college teams. When he plays with chalk in the driveway or draws, it’s always hockey. Hockey, hockey, hockey.

    The rub is that this is my favorite sport and I have a hard time curbing my enthusiasm. Like you said, I just want to expose both of my boys to as much as I can, but then also step back and allow them to gravitate towards whatever makes them happy. I hoping the hockey nut in myself isn’t compromising this.

    Great stuff here, thanks for the perspective.

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