Grizzly Bears vs. Polar Bears: A Soccer Story

I teach Grade 3.

When creating teams for a game of playground soccer all the members of one team coincidentally had brown skin. I didn’t notice. The kids didn’t notice. One boy did notice.

Hey! We’re the brown skins!  Brown Skins vs. White Skins!

If it had been a group of teens or adults, this would have been a disaster.  Before I was able to intervene with damage control and a teachable moment, I was interrupted.

What!! I have brown skin and I’m not on your team so you can’t be the Brown Skins!

This erupted into a flurry of name suggestions including dragons and dinosaurs, NHL team names which were immediately voted down because we weren’t playing hockey, and ferocious animals like tigers and bears.  Students began getting upset and restless complaining that we didn’t even need names anyway.  Then someone shouted.

Grizzly Bears vs. Polar Bears!

This solved the problem. Game on.


As we grow older we grow wiser but with wisdom comes a consequence: over-thinking. Our experiential understanding of the world often helps deepen our understanding of it but sometimes it leads to us find conclusions or connections that don’t exist.

Children don’t suffer from over-thinking.  I highly doubt the bears were chosen based on fur color but I just can’t get past the extraordinary coincidence.  Most likely, I’m over-thinking.


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  1. JB says:

    Over-Thinking is exactly my problem. It’s why I can’t squeeze our a post like I used to. I have several half-written ideas, but then I over-analyze them until they die.

    Oh to be a kid again!

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