RTD: KidStir Turns Kids Into Chefs

When my kids started walking we did our best to keep them out of the kitchen, which was also known as a toddler death-trap.  Hot surfaces, liquids and powders flying into eyes, sharp edges trying to remove little appendages; The kitchen is the last room the kids are able to enter independently.

What is even harder than helping kids learn to be safe when navigating the kitchen, is getting them to turn from being consumers to producers; making the transition from Kitchen 1.0 to Kitchen 2.0. This is especially difficult when you consider how large the kitchen tools are compared to their little hands.  Though their aspirations are as big as our hopes that they become become little Master Chefs, there are few programs designed to help usher children into being effective and safe in the kitchen.

That’s why I’d like to introduce you all to Kidstir.  This is a monthly subscription that continues to prove its value as it does nothing but add to our daughter’s confidence, and excitement in the kitchen.  My wife purchased this monthly subscription for our 8-year-old daughter and every month we have been continually impressed with the tools and skills Kidstir provider her with.

Until recently.  April’s package was delayed, and we received an email explaining why, which caused me to want to share this company with everyone.  Below is a excerpt from that email:

Starting with our March kit, we are partnering with the California Autism Foundation to pack and ship our Kidstir kits.  The Foundation operates a school for 6-22 year olds as well as a Custom Assembling and Packing Services (CAP) division.  Their mission is to provide people with Autism and other developmental disabilities the best possible opportunities for lifetime support, training and assistance to help them reach their highest potential for independence, productivity and fulfillment. 

This company decision by Kidstir completely validates my career choice to be a Special Education Teacher.

I can continue to share MY thoughts and feelings on Kidstir, but the one voice that truly matters is my daughter’s.

My daughter loves Kidstir. She continues to love it, and it adds value to her, and to our family.  I would recommend this without hesitation, and am glad to have them joining us this week.

Join us for #DadsRT this Wednesday Night at 7Pacific/10Eastern.  Kidstir will be joining us, as we talk about healthy eating, and involving our kids in the kitchen and food-preparations.


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