RTD with Special Guest Abdul Ali

ali_32_bw1We are pleased to have Abdul join us this week to co-host the #DadsRT and talk about his upcoming book that has themes of fatherhood. Abdul will be giving away a free copy of his book during the chat, and will also have a special promotional code for our community.

About the Author

Abdul Ali is the author of Trouble Sleeping that won the 2014 New Issues Poetry Prize judged by Fanny Howe. He’s a two-time recipient of the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ Literature fellowship. He was a fellow at American University where he received his M.F.A in Creative Writing. His poems have appeared in Gargoyle, A Gathering of Tribes, New Contrast, and the anthology Full Moon on K Street, among other literary journals and magazines. He currently teaches in the English Department at Towson University.

A native of New York, and longtime resident of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Ali also serves on the board of directors for the Zora Neale Hurston/ Richard Wright Foundation.

About the Book

Trouble Sleeping is about the thoughts that run through our heads that keep us up at night.  More so than the microcosm of issues within our own homes, this paints with broad strokes about the social issues that our kids will be growing up and having to deal with in their lifetime.  Full of poems and prose, Abdul puts his heart onto the pages. Here’s an excerpt:

You, grandpa, were so sure about death, less so about life. You talked about the 2000s like an apocalypse was sure to arrive in a space ship, a stolen election, another war.  -Flashback

This is a great book to have out to ponder its contents periodically, or to start a conversation with.  Every time I peer into it, I feel my brain awaken.  Abdul will be giving away a copy of his book this Wednesday night during our #DadsRT Chat (6P/9E).  Stop by for your chance to chat with the author and get your copy.



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