March Madness: Parenting with Addictions

Mike and Aaron

Mike and Aaron Sharing their passions with their kids. Hiking and football.

It is no secret that our kids pick up our passions, our habits, and our addictions.  As hard as we try to instill the best of ourselves into each of them, our vices also find their way.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my friends say how they didn’t want to do this like their parents, or do that like them, or even be like them.  Well, we’ve all grown up since then, and many of them are very much like their parents… for better or worse.  Even I have reluctantly picked up some of the good and bad traits of my parents.

As my kids continue to grow, they are a magnifying glass to my good and bad habits. They shine a light on who I am, and who I didn’t realize I was. As much as I try to pretend I am normal, their silliness is familiar to me, and I recognize myself in their eccentricities.

There is no better time of year to talk about the effects of our addictions and vices on our children than March. Aside from the NCAA March Madness that slows workplace productivity, it marks a transitional period from binge sessions with our favorite Christmas presents to getting ready for our sunny weather addictions. Whether it be hiking, camping, or playing mobile games in the park.

This month we want to focus on the effects of our passions and addictions on our kids. Unfortunately we cannot speak good habits into existence. I have been told to clean my room for several decades, but that never worked. However, the things I saw happen in my home growing up are the things I do myself.

We want to discuss all forms of addictions, habits, and passions this month. Gaming addictions, gambling, running, coffee, gossip, learning, Social Media, Lego addictions, drug addictions, etc… Our focus is that thing we can’t help but do, and how it effects our parenting and our kids for better or worse.

Join us March 18th for our #DadsRT Chat. We will be online at 6pacific/9eastern.



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