RTD: Re-Parenting After the Grandparents

My kids have the BEST grandparents in the history of history.  I know this because they are always distraught and upset when they see me arrive to take them home.  I feel Like Dr. Kevorkian or some other Sugar-High Buzzkill because all the fun and laughing seems to stop when I open the door.

Rock Wall Climbing with GrandpaIt takes a village to raise a child, but every village has crazy old people that give candy to the youngsters behind the parents’ backs.  That is exactly what their job is.  It is to spoil and treat our kids to all the things they didn’t let us do as our REAL parents.  When I have grandkids, they will gain 4 pounds during every visit.  It’s gotten so bad that my 7-year-old is convinced that her Papa only eats Chocolate, Peanut Butter, or those two ice cream flavors.

My kids love spending every Wednesday afternoon with their Papa, and they love their sleepovers.  My 4-year old son brags to his sister when only he gets to spend an afternoon hanging out with their Great Grandma.

Whenever I get my kids back from their grandparents’ house I feel that there is a certain amount of extra parenting that I need to do in order to undo the damage of being spoiled by grandparents. It’s like I have to re-parent a bit harder in order to remind my kids just what the expectations are.

But that is the whole point, right?  We have all those sleepless nights and change all those diapers, for grandparent-hood.  We deal with all  those tantrums and survive the teen years so we can have grandkids and spoil them to the point of driving our own kids crazy.  That is the right of every grandparent, and I’ve come to accept it.

How does this play out in your own situation?

Are there grandparents around?

What do your kids think of them?

Do they get spoiled, or do the grandparents undermine your parenting?





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