RTD: Discipline or Intimidation in Parenting

There is nothing I can say in regards to spanking and Adrian Peterson that Chris Carter doesn’t say in this video.  You can stop the video after he’s done talking.

I was spanked, but my wife and I made the choice together not to spank our kids.  It was never the physical pain that I feared from them, but the mental fear and manipulation that comes with it.  Long after the welts had gone away, I was broken on how to interact with my parent.  I was being affectionate towards someone who expressed anger on me physically.

This is not a discussion about the NFL’s failures, or Perterson’s child-rearing know-how.  This is a discussion on the tools we as parents use to discipline our kids.  I told my daughter this past week that you can abuse kids without hitting them; there’s yelling, threats, and other intimidation tactics.  Is that really parenting?

Join us Wednesday Night 6PST/9EST as we chat about the way we discipline our kids.



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