RTD: Is Summer Break Just Back-to-School Season?

Is there actually a summer vacation season, or is it always back-to-school season? Do you like it? I am one of the teachers on the Dads Round Table crew, and I do my best to enjoy as much of the summer as possible. However, just barely after the 4th of July and the the back-to-school sales begin. There’s new deals on getting back to school supplies’ and districts have posted supply lists for parents on the school websites to start shopping from.  Meanwhile, I’m only halfway done with my back-to-school newsletter to send to parents in August.

It’s possible that we rely too much on retail stores to tell us when we’re allowed to think about what. Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday, is always eclipsed by the money-makers of Halloween and Christmas. However, I have a hard time wanting to bypass a holiday whose sole purpose is to enjoy a family,food, and just being thankful for what you have. But that doesn’t make any money. Neither does letting kids enjoy themselves in the summer.

For some reason we feel the need to push whatever is coming next into our lives and not just enjoy the moment. For some reason we allow retail stores to dictate when we can enjoy something and when it’s time to move on to the next. For some reason we are so focused on what comes next that we may actually miss what we already have. This Wednesday as we squeeze out this last bit of summer joy, we will be chatting about the things we did, and the things we missed but we still have time to do before the giant rush of getting kids back into gear for school. 



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