RTD: Surviving the Phases Our Kids Go Through

One of the worst things I can ever remember hearing as a young parent was, “Don’t worry, it’s just a phase.  They’ll outgrow it.”  To some this can be reassuring, but to me it felt like I was left at the mercy of time.  Waiting for kids to “outgrow” an unfavorable phase in life is like being entrenched in a war of attrition and hoping you have what it takes to outlast.  It’s like being told to block the doors as an onslaught of Orcs or Zombies attempt to break through.  It’s like… expecting out kids to raise themselves.

The main issue I have with waiting for kids to outgrow a phase is that it puts you in a helpless position of continuing to act in a way that does not yield the expected outcomes.  There are a few things like Colic that you do have to survive, but after that you do not have to passively wait for your kids to outgrow anything.

Keeping Your Stress From Your Spouse and Kids

To be perfectly honest, I feel that knowing the phases, is half the battle, and the other half is how to help your kids make their way through each one.  Just because the Terrible Twos have started doesn’t mean they will go away magically without any deliberate parental input.  I am not perfect in this, and am fortunate to have a wife who is able to help me see how to best help our kids continue to grow.  However, this is something I believe that all parents can improve at.

Join us this Wednesday for our #DadsRT as we chat about how we survived and helped our kids get past tantrums, stubbornness, and other negative behaviors they got from us.

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