March Madness

Every year I fill out my NCAA Tournament Bracket I pick the Syracuse Orange to win the whole thing.

I’ve been right one time in my life, 2003.  To this day, it is the number one sports moment of my lifetime and will most likely never be eclipsed because it will probably be the only time in my life that my team ever wins anything.  Being a Syracuse fan has been frustrating.  The teams where they have all the talent in the world never seem to amount to much, yet the teams where the expectations aren’t as high do well.  These past 30 years or so have been an emotional roller coaster at least when it comes to college basketball.

sportsmancave.comWhen the brackets are announced each year, I come up with what I think are logically reasons why Syracuse should win the title.  I look at possible future match ups and get it in my head that certain teams just can’t solve their vaunted two three zone defense.  Their coach Jim Boeheim seems to own other coaches, most notably Roy Williams, so if I see North Carolina somewhere down the line I know that SU is going to win.  However if I see a team from their old conference, the Big East, I have a tendency to think they are going to lose, but then I talk myself out of thinking that way and pencil them in as the champion anyway.

I always pick them because I don’t want to be in that awkward situation where I would need a Syracuse loss for me to end up winning the bracket.  I would NEVER root against my team anyway, but I never want to be put in that situation.  So every year Syracuse is going to win the National Title, at least in my eyes.

Of course everyone is different.

Some people pick their winners based on uniform color or which mascot would beat up the other in a fight.  Some let their kids pick, their dogs pick, or just flip a coin.  The whole thing is really a toss up as far as filling out your brackets.  The “experts” never seem to be right and it’s always someone named Sheila from the mailroom that ends up winning the whole thing.  How does she do it year after year after year?

What is her strategy?

What is your strategy when it comes to filling out your brackets?  Who do you think is going to go all the way?  Do you think that anyone is going to beat Syracuse?  Join us this Wednesday night at 9:00pm EDT for our weekly #DadsRT Twitter chat where you can talk a little smack and share what has worked for you when it comes to filling out your brackets.

Also don’t forget to join our Dads Roundtable Bracket Challenge powered by ESPN.


One last thing… LETS GO ORANGE!!!


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