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Some say beer was born thousands of years ago in what is now known as Iran and Iraq. Although beer has come a long way since then, the essential ingredients are the same. In ancient times, the brewing process killed harmful microorganisms that made many local water supplies unsafe for human consumption. Beer provided people with a safe method of hydration. Some might argue beer is the reason we decided to take grain farming seriously in the first place. Grain farming is known as the impetus for civilization and therefore, it only makes sense that beer is the reason humans have come so far.

It could be true.

No matter its history, it cannot be denied beer is the social drink. When friends get together, they go for beers. In our youth our favorite beers were the ones we could afford. Later, it was whatever was on tap. With each year we became more and more particular in our tastes but for the most part, beer was the drink, not the topic. Lately, with the rise in popularity of craft brews, beer has become a topic of conversation. Furthermore, technology has made it much simpler for home brewers to craft their own very good beers which has added another level to the beer conversation.

So, lets talk about beer.

Go for a beer with Dads Round Table this Wednesday on Twitter at 9EST. We’ll be sharing our beer stories and discussing beer in all its glory. Use #DadsRT to follow along. Hope to see you there!



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