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It’s that time again as sports enthusiasts around the world get ready for the greatest, single sporting event of the year. Yes, an actual game will be played, but for many Super Bowl Sunday is an event that has much to do with all of the hoopla associated with this day as much as the game itself. From Super Bowl parties and the food being served at them to the commercials and the halftime show, there is something for everyone on Super Bowl Sunday.

The game:

Trying its best not to get lost among the massive amount of pomp and circumstance of this event is the actual game being played between the lines. That shouldn’t be hard to focus on this year as this game has a little extra flavor to it with a handful of firsts happening, as well as on the line.

* This is the first Super Bowl ever where the team that finished first in both points scored and yards gained is facing the team that allowed the fewest points scored and yards gained.

* Peyton Manning can become the first starting quarterback to win the Super Bowl with two different teams.

* The Seattle Seahawks can win their first Super Bowl title ever as a franchise with a team and a coach who are all experiencing the big game for the first time.

* This is first Super Bowl being held at an open-air stadium in a “cold weather” location as all previous games in such environments were held indoors. Will it be the first and the last?

The event:

While many of us hold on with all our might to the actual game being played on this day, there are also those who believe that (unless their team is in it, of course) the conference championship games mark the end of the NFL football season and that Super Bowl Sunday is not really about the game, but rather the event.

* The commercials: Oh, the commercials. Seemingly the bread and butter of Super Bowl Sunday is its famed commercials. Typically the perfect time to hit the bathroom or check on your buffalo wings in the oven, the commercial breaks during the Super Bowl are the complete opposite. These extremely expensive marketing moments have become incredibly important for brands and consumers alike and are borderline “can’t miss” viewing. The hype leading up to the airing of these commercials, the actual airing of them, and then talk and ranking of them afterwards is a show unto itself.

Do you look forward to the commercials? Which one is your all-time favorite and which one are you most looking forward to this year?

* The parties: There is nothing like a good Super Bowl party and this is a tradition for many fans regardless of who is playing in the big game. Some people even rent such things as large screen TVs, extra sofas, food trucks, etc… for the event and spare no expense at making this the party of the year.

Do you host your own Super Bowl party or attend some else’s? What traditions, if any, are part of your Super Bowl Sunday?

* The halftime show: Wardrobe malfunction. Enough said.

Do you care about the halftime show and who’s playing? Or has the spectacle become one big hot mess of pushing the limits to attract a younger audience and then overreacting when pushing that limit goes wrong and going ultra-safe in response?

* The food: Okay, now we are talking. If anything has rights to challenge the actual game itself, it’s the food. Dips, layered dips, wings of all kinds, finger food of every variety, BBQ/smoked everything, all of it. People step up their game big time for Super Bowl Sunday when preparing food and Pinterest and foodies everywhere couldn’t be happier.

Do you have any go-to recipes that you make on Super Bowl Sunday? If it’s one you’d like to show off, please feel free to share with our audience in the comments below. Or, are you trying something new this year? 

This Wednesday 6pm PST / 9pm EST, let’s discuss Super Bowl XLVIII — the game, the event, the food, the entertainment and more.

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