RTD: Our Kids Are Mirrors of Ourselves

There is a reason we love the person we have chosen to marry.  Often times they compliment a part of ourselves we are missing, or they challenge us to work through a weakness of ours.  Or they are just too awesome to pass up….especially since they fell in love with YOU.  But mostly we marry them because we couldn’t do any better. Well, at least that is what she’s told you, right? That’s what I get for leaving my computer open around my wife.

Anyways, there is typically something in our spouse that we recognize as just part of “their personality.”  However, sometimes when we see those traits show up in our kids, they feel less adorable and more annoying.  For example, for one reason or another it is cute to me that my wife does something one more time after I ask her not to; such as tapping her fork or resting her elbow on my thigh.  When my daughter does something similar, I almost jump out of my skin, because I just can’t stand it.

IMG_5601Not just when they remind me of my spouse, but when my son does something that I know he got from me it frustrates me because I can never say that I’m perfect.  He has the cutest and sweetest and cuddliest face that he is learning will get him out of trouble… quickly.  Some days I just can’t handle how much my kids remind me of myself, or my wife.  This can also be the other way around where there is something your spouse does that is highly annoying, but is amusingly adorable in your little one.

Are you head-strong and stubborn and fight against those same traits in your kids?  Are you laid-back and have a hard time motivating the child that takes after you?  Do you see your faults in your kids and worry about them having the same trials and making the same mistakes you did?  Do you try to “fix” the things in your kids that you’ve given up trying to fix in your spouse?

Join us Wednesday Night as we chat about trying to raise little mirrors of ourselves.  We are online around 5:30pst, and the #DadsRT Chat starts at 9Pacific/9Eastern.



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I am a man, and by my wife’s standards that makes me flawed. My challenge to parents, and to myself, is not to teach my kids about the kind of person I hope them to become one day, but to become that person today.


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  1. Hahaha. Awesome topic. There is a ton of this stuff going on in my household. My oldest is exactly like me in nearly every way. My brain is always turning and she knows there is usually “one more question” and the topic/debate/situation isn’t over until it’s asked — same with my oldest, yet it seems to drive her nuts coming from him more so than me.

    With the little guy, he is feisty, feisty, feisty — exactly like my wife. For me, this fire is one of my favorite parts about her. With my youngest, I can’t stand it and we clash often because of it.

    Great topic, can’t wait for tonight’s chat.

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