RTD: Helping Our Kids Be Productive With Technology

This year, as I sat in my daughter’s 1st-grade classroom for Curriculum Night, the teacher said something that caught me a little off guard.  While talking about all the beginning things my daughter would be learning, the teacher mentioned how the kids will be working on computers and getting used to using Microsoft Word.

What kind of a world are we coming to when my kid needs to be working on a computer???  As I think, I realize that my kids are very in-tune with technology, but not in any way other than as consumers.  I took this as a challenge to get my daughter acquainted with the productivity tools that are available. I decided to start with something I knew she liked: storytelling. I took a new note-taking app I recently downloaded for a test-drive, and I liked what I saw.  The app is SimpleNote and it is on everything. Below is the story she wrote:

 “one day i was playing owtsid i was playing ball but then i through the ball and it blew away it blew in to a forest i went to the forest the forest was dark it was good that i had a flashlit and my flashlit had a new lit in it “I see my ball rit by that cave” i said i went closer and closr and closr and just went i was about to grab it i heard a big “Roar!” it was a dragon!! “ahhh!!!” i ran as fast as i could the dragon was a fire breathing dragon a aha i hav a  sheld my sheld was blak weth flams the flams meen it it was fire prof”

One of the things I like about this app is that it doesn’t mark incorrect spelling, which is good to be able to talk kids through how words should be spelled. The other thing I like is that it updates all the time. So she could be writing on my Chromebook and I can watch her from my iPad. I like being able to watch her progress without hovering over her shoulder.

I want my daughter to begin to think of the things she can do with technology, not just the things technology can do for her.  How did you make the switch?  When did your kids get their first device?  What is something kids should know how to do before they are 9 years old?  Comment below and join us for our weekly #DadsRT Chat on Wednesday night starting at 6Pacific/9Eastern.



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