RTD: I Can’t Stand My Friend’s Kids!

When you are getting married, you know that there have to be compromises.  You have to be willing to let go of some things that you have always done because you have invited someone who comes from a different family into your life.  More so than letting that person into your living space is letting them into your friends.  A marriage can make or break itself based off the friends of one of the spouses.  However, if you can be fortunate enough to have a spouse that likes your friends, then you are a lucky one.

However, the last obstacle to meshing your past with your future is what happens when you and your friends have kids… then you can’t stand them.  It won’t matter how much trouble you have gotten into in the past with your friends, because if you parent differently, it’ll be hard to get your families together.

My wife and I recently took a road-trip to visit one of her best friends.  Fortunately, all of our kids get along, and none of our kids can be classified as a brat.  I can’t say that my kids get along with ALL of my friends’ kids, but I can say that my kids aren’t the brats… at least I hope they aren’t.

Have you been able to keep old friends through marriage and kids?  Does having kids make it harder for you to make or maintain friends?  Does it make it hard to plan play dates with people you want to be around, because your kids don’t get along well?

Join us Wednesday as we chat about how to win friends and influence people when you are married with children.



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