RTD: Favorite Fall Recipes

starbucks-pumpkin-spice-latteThe other day my wife was excited to walk into a local Starbucks and see that they had just begun to serve their Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  This reminded me of the Fall recipes we love to do every year.    One that the kids have enjoyed is the homemade Pumpkin Waffles we make with pumpkin puree.  Add some to the waffle batter, and a little nutmeg and you have some wildly delicious waffles that are devoured.

My wife also makes a White bean, sausage and kale soup that is absolutely amazing.  This is also the time of year where we grab the bananas, zucchini, and anything else that can be made into a bread loaf.  When I think of sitting in front of the TV watching football, I don’t usually want to eat a pizza, but some warm chili on the cold rainy Seattle days.

What about you?  Comment below with your favorite Fall recipes, or share a link, a video, or post it to #DadsRT on Twitter.  Remember to join us Wednesday Night  as we will be chatting about and sharing our favorite Fall food recipes.  Whether it be soups, strange pumpkin concoctions, mac-n-cheese, or something else, we want to see what you make during these Autumn months.



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  1. Brandon P. Duncan says:

    I think for me, it’s the start of all the breads and other baked goods. Banana bread, pumpkin bread (one of the only pumpkin spice anything I truly enjoy), biscotti, various cookies, scones—you name it. I can’t cook worth a damn, but I can bake pretty well, so I enjoy playing with biscotti the most. No favorite recipe to share, unfortunately.

    I will say this, the pumpkin spice and Fall flavor thing can be taken overboard. We recently went to Panera, one of my favorite restaurants, and I ordered their new Roasted Turkey Harvest Wheatberry Salad and Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup. It was ok, but my lord it was way too much. They packed so many “Fall flavors” into it that it was like I was being held down and having Fall shoved into my face. And the soup was wicked sweet while “earthy” and savory at the same time. It was interesting.

    • The bread and baking season is the beginning of the end of dieting season as my wife starts doing some incredible baking of sweets and breads, and whatnot. It’s crazy. And I haven’t lost a net pound in years.

  2. David Stanley says:

    I’m all about the apple pie (gluten-free crust) plus a whole host of stewed and braised meat dishes. Stew (with any kind of protein) and pot roast, cassoulet, osso buco, chili, Moroccan chicken stew with olives – anything that involves a big pot of meat simmering for hours on a frosty afternoon. I also like to get the smoker going and make a big-ass batch of jerky. Don’t let those foreign names deter you. They’re all really easy dishes.

    • YES… MEAT!!! I love to grill int he cold and rain. It seems so much more rewarding and like being a caveman. You may have to share your jerky recipe.

  3. Snacking during football games. I’m the son of a football coach, who’s in the All Sports Hall of Fame for his coaching, and to the delight of my wife I watch with the sound off. What I watch is the game.

    Best snack is a full rack of lamb, the Lamb loin, dredged with olive oil, sprinkled with sage, thyme, beau monde (instead of salt) and black pepper cooked at 425 for a half hour. Let it cool for fifteen minutes. With favorite wine, it makes for a heman handfull to eat a whole rack holding onto the bones. If wifie remains in the room, sprinkle a little rosemary on the full loin, too.

    It’s beginning to smell a lot like holidays!

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