The Round Table Goes Into Party Mode! Celebrate With Us!

We’ve been hinting at this for weeks now, and the time is finally here!

We’re turning one this week—and we’re celebrating with style!

October 1st, 2012, seven men on a quest to create a community for fathers officially launched Dads Round Table. And it has been one hell of a year!

The history of us

We haven’t been interviewed on national television yet (Ellen, we’re game—just sayin’), so for some of you, this may be the first time you’ve heard of us. Knowing that, I wanted to give a little of our back story.

The current group, those who call ourselves “The Founders”, came together in the Summer of 2012. Seven men (and bloggers), James HudymaManvDadhood, Daddysincharge, Jetts31, The Rookie Dad, Brad the Dad, and Brandon P. Duncan decided we wanted a better community for dads than what we had collectively found online. We all had a similar vision—one that only the biggest and best websites have—there is strength in numbers. So, starting in June of that year, we began brainstorming ideas, built a rather rough (at the time) starter website, and started producing content in a handful of categories geared toward dads and, if they wanted, moms.

We had a few rules in the beginning:

  • No religion
  • No politics
  • All magazine-styled writing
  • We always welcome all parents, non-parents—basically everyone
  • We always place our community’s interests before money (in other words, we don’t sell out)
  • As the youngest child, The Rookie Dad will not be right—in anything
  • Brandon P. Duncan is the resident @$%#&^ of the group (that was code for “Bad Guy”…yeah, we’ll go with that…)
  • DaddysInCharge will remain perpetually jobless on this site
  • James Hudyma and Brad the Dad will be the voices of reason, sickening softness, and anti-commercialism (because you have to have balance…)
  • ManvDadhood is in charge of trying to geek-out everything we do
  • We will all agree with Jetts31—no matter what
  • And above all… Family comes first before the site.

Obviously it didn’t take long before we loosened some of those restrictions. It’s all about being flexible in the online world. However, we didn’t change some things. We still, one year later, all agree that Jetts31 is right—no matter what, DaddysInCharge still doesn’t have a job (we just call him a “senior advisor”), The Rookie Dad is still wrong about pretty much everything (he’s been agreed with two or three times just to keep him from crying), Brad and James have ensured that we have made no money this year, Brandon D. is still an enormous asshat, and ManvD has hosted no less than 37 #DadsRT chats about comic books and the X-Men.

I’m just kidding.

We still place family before the site at all costs, we still welcome everyone to be a part of our community—including moms—who, to our surprise, have been some of our biggest supporters in this community, and we never take opportunities that do not benefit our fantastic community.

The future of us

Our short-term future is happening all this week. We decided to launch individual, tailored blogs about several extra categories—the trials of fatherhood, short fiction stories, an ever-popular rant/opinion column, and a comic strip section featuring syndicated and original comics and strips!

Looking a little further out, we still have in the works a travel site based on local adventures and destination reviews across the US and Canada, a book review blog, and a Q&A on women—by women!

Our long-term goals rest solely on our readers. We 7 founders and a strong base of about 40 contributors have our ears to the street, constantly listening for what our community wants. Without you, our readers, we are nothing. We owe that to you.

On with the party!

Now for the part you really came here for:

This week’s festivities

Here’s what’s happening this week:

  1. Each day starting Tuesday we will launch one new blog for your reading enjoyment.
  2. Wednesday night at 9PM EST/6PM PST is our regular #DadsRT Twitter chat, featuring some of our birthday sponsors in a live Q&A filled in with a lively discussion on family party planning and celebrations.
  3. Happening simultaneously with the #DadsRT Twitter chat will be our Twitter giveaway(s)—our chat manager and associate editor will have gifts including gifts cards from us and Omaha Steaks, a professional WordPress theme package from StudioPress, a grab bag with super-cute goodies from Lexie laRue, a grocery tote from Citizen Chef, and artwork from VoogDesigns! You don’t want to miss this week’s chat!
  4. All week, our social media manager is running a series of small Facebook games in “playoff style” leading to a final game featuring similar prizes for the daily Facebook winners, PLUS he has some extra goodies!
  5. A special comment-based game right here on for the same prizes listed above (playable at the bottom of this post).

Then, there’s the main event!

The 1st annual Dads Round Table Big Game Hunt!

For our first year we will be sending you through ours and our sponsors’ sites searching for words that will form a Big Game Hunt secret message!

When you decipher the secret message, you will be able to navigate to the official entry form, but be careful, you will have to not only write down the secret message words, but watch closely for details at each stop—you will have to answer some questions for your official entry! These words can be found by searching the site, hovering over items, and reading through articles hand-selected by our founders. In order to win, you MUST get all of the mandatory questions on the entry form correct!

Yeah, we’re making you work for it, but we assure you it is well worth the effort.

What’s on the line is more than $350 worth of gifts and prizes from us and our sponsors!

Here’s a list of what our sponsors were generous enough to provide for ONE Big Game Hunter:

  1. StudioPress – A professional Genesis for WordPress framework plus the child theme of your choice
  2. Omaha Steaks – A Tailgate Combo filled with steaks, burgers, franks, and brats (or a comparably priced substitution)
  3. Pacific Shaving Company – A 3-Step Shaving Regimen
  4. Lexie laRue – A surprise grab bag with some crafty couture items and a customized surprise
  5. VoogDesigns – Original artwork from our resident caricature expert (with possible surprise upgrade)
  6. Citizen Chef – Grocery totes to help you live greener
  7. Finally, we’re topping you off with some spending money on Amazon to buy yourself something nice or start your holiday shopping!


Just like it’s been one hell of a great first year for us, we’re making our birthday celebration equally awesome for you. To ensure the awesomeness is spread all around, NO GIVING OTHERS HINTS! If we catch you, your entry is null and void. Sorry.

To start the Big Game Hunt, simply get a pen and paper ready (or use your favorite text editor) and follow this link. You can only submit the entry once, but you can play up until 10PM, Saturday, October 5th, 2013.

Now for the last order of business—our third of three smaller games:

Our birthday sponsors work hard to bring you great products. Show ’em some love! It’s worth a prize pack containing all of the same prizes as our Facebook and Twitter games.

Our final game entry is easy. It’s only three small steps:

Step 1 – Visit our sponsors’ linked pages (above) to learn about them.

Step 2 – Come back and comment below telling us “Happy Birthday” in your own way—write something funny, serious, cute, with a pic—whatever.

Step 3 – Share this post on your favorite social site. There are buttons for them above and below the post for convenience. Please add the hashtag #DadsRT to the end of your post, regardless of where you share it.

That’s it! The winner will be chosen by the founders in a highly scientific, secret method with extra points awarded for creativity, meaningfulness, or general awesomeness.

Good luck and Happy Birthday to us! Here’s to another wonderful year to come!


Of course, no fun can be had without a little organization and some administrative rules.

This contest and the social media games are only open to current residents of the continental US and Canada. Participants must be 18 years or older to win. No P.O. Boxes can be entered in the official entry form. Winners will be notified via email and will have 24 hrs to respond or there will be an alternate winner chosen. Winners will be chosen at random out of the qualifying entries. Only one official entry form can be submitted per household. Winners of the Big Game Hunt must not have won anything from Dads Round Table in the past. Dads Round Table, it’s staff, or contributors may not be held liable for any damages caused by participation on the site or contests. Sponsors are held solely responsible for the prizes they donated, shipping, and any additional actions necessary to fulfill the contest obligations. Dads Round Table was not paid for this sponsorship by any of the brand partners and no social media site aside from are affiliated or participants in any of the contests. This disclaimer may be updated or modified at any time as necessary and without prior or post notice, warning, or announcement. Participation in any of these events constitutes acceptance of this disclaimer and official no-liability agreement between Dads Round Table and you.


The Beginning
About Brandon P. Duncan

Brandon is a dad, husband, US Soldier, and co-founder of Dads Round Table.
When not knee-deep in one of those things, he can often be found tinkering with a woodworking project, writing, drawing, or Photoshopping something... or napping... or he's hurt himself again... or... something...

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  1. Happy Birthday to an amazing group of men that constantly let me see the other side of parenting and marriage.

    • Brandon P. Duncan says:

      Thank you, Christina. We appreciate comments like that. Sometimes (just as in parenting and marriage) we don’t receive the feedback that tells us we are accomplishing that very goal—the most important one we set out to do. We appreciate you being part of our community!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dads Round Table!!!

    Great job, James, JB, John, Jimmy, Brandon, Brad, and Brandon!!! It’s been fun hanging out with you guys here! Looking forward to many great years. And, where’s the frickin’ cake?!?!

    • Brandon P. Duncan says:

      Ah, the little rascals. Funny thing is, early on we actually made reference to NOT being the “He-Man, Woman-haters club!” No kidding. (I couldn’t make that up…) Thanks for being here through this first year, Gina. Here’s to the next one! (You and your damn cake… lol)

  3. Brad the Dad says:

    What #DadsRT means to me: The thought of a writing platform with a bigger audience than my personal blog in reality becoming a place where I’ve met, learned from, and befriended some of the best parents in the world. I’m a better writer, parent, and person because of this experience and that’s the real deal, not page views.

    • Brandon P. Duncan says:

      Well said, Brad. I’ve learned some things here also. We can a pretty snazzy community, don’t we? (Because how often can you really use snazzy these days?)

  4. Happiest Daddy says:

    Happy birthday, guys! You created something meaningful and long-lasting that has impacted — and will impact — more parents that you will ever know. Your vision gave parents like me a place to share stories and realize that the challenges we’re facing are not isolated. Thank you for welcoming me into the #DadsRT family. I’m proud to be a part of it.

    • Brandon P. Duncan says:

      Well, I simply don’t know how to reply to this, HD. We were glad to bring you into the fold, so to speak. Honestly, we were just a bunch of guys who wanted a different kind of community than what was out there. In many types of businesses and communities, it’s not the concept that wrong, it’s not having the right people to pull the concept off. I think we did pretty damn well in that department. We’re truly blessed.

    • Brandon P. Duncan says:

      Happiest Daddy, you get our third and final prize from us and our sponsors! Thanks for leaving a meaningful comment and being a part of our community! You get:

      – A Genesis Framework and child theme from StudioPress
      – $20 gift card from Omaha Steaks
      – $10 for Amazon from us
      – Original art from VoogDesigns
      – A grocery tote from Citizen Chef
      – A grab bag from Lexie laRue!

      Congrats! We’ll get your prize shipments arranged and will be in touch for the customized stuff soon.

      Thanks again!

  5. It’s come a long way from Dad City. Glad we chatted that one night Brandon. We definitely could not have done this without you.

    • Brandon P. Duncan says:

      Thanks, man. I was honored that you guys brought me in. I was REALLY looking for a community like this after a couple of failed attempts to find one. We have done an incredible job forming what I believe to be one of the best parenting communities online. Only up from here. I can’t wait until we’re all on a panel at a blog conference one day. THAT will be one for the books, brother!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday! So honored to be a contributor on this site and hope to continue to provide meaningful and creative content for years to come. So CONGRATULATIONS KNIGHTS! Love this video… The creepy chick always makes me laugh! And now I am hungry 🙂

  7. Brandon, I thought I would share a few of the drawings I have donated in the past to charities and what’s on the table for the lucky winners of the scavenger hunt this week! Enjoy!
    Green Lantern, Superman, Batman
    Captain America
    Captain America (Close Up)

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