RTD: Parental Guilty Pleasures

Parenthood is stressful.

It is also time-consuming.  I would have to wake up early before going to work and go to the gym.  Working out is a known way to get your brain to release endorphins (also on the short list is sex and eating hot peppers) which are neurotransmitters that *blah blah blah* make you feel good.  Yet, there are many days where I just can’t make in to the gym, or to a roll in the hay.  When this happens for several days my stress is in need of some relieving.

It is important to me to keep my stress levels low because of issues I have from my childhood I don’t want to pass on to my kids.  Therefore, I’ve resorted to games, movies, TV shows, and other forms of quick entertainment to help me feel normal throughout the day.  I enjoy many things that are popular, but I also like some things I don’t usually tell others I enjoy.

I have enjoyed and become addicted to things I’m not always quick to share with others.  Phineas and Ferb, Cut the Rope, Snoopy’s Fair, and the Super Hero Squad are just a few things I’ve enjoyed with – and without – the kids.  We recently bought the kids LOTS of Legos, and after they went to bed I found myself playing with my daughter’s Lego Friends set until after midnight.  There is a game out there called Candy Crush that I hear people like, but I never got around to playing it.  Not only do I need to manage my stress, but my addictions as well.  However, I’m always looking ways to find short bytes of fun throughout the days.  Maybe I can beat a couple levels of Block Puzzle on my Android phone in the bathroom before my kids argue with one another outside of the door.  Sometimes I’m just surviving to make it through bedtime so I can have my special treat I hid from the kids.

What do you do for your quick bits of “Me Time” in the course of your day?  What is your guilty pleasure that helps you maintain your individuality?  How to you keep your stress levels manageable?  Is there a late night treat that is just for you and your spouse?

Join us this Wednesday for our weekly #DadsRT Chat where we will share favorite guilty pleasures, mobile game/app addictions, and compare scores and late night treat recipes.  We will be online starting at 6 Pacific/9 Eastern.  



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  1. I pick up my iPad and race. I can get lost for a few minutes in one of my racing apps. Sometimes you just have to lose yourself for a few minutes and tune out the chaos around you.

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