Summertime Parenting: Independence Day Crafts, Trips, and Grilling


Tis the season to cook with fire, get sunburned, and decorating with the American flag.  My family’s Fourth of July celebrations consisted of grilling on the lake at my in-laws house hanging with the family in the Sun, and staying up late shooting fireworks. This year will be slightly different with my daughter beginning to have her own schedule and activities we need to start throwing in the mix.  Regardless or schedules and increased activities, we will continue to end up doing what we always do.  What about you?  What do you and your family do to officially welcome the Summer?

The Fourth of July holiday is a great opportunity for family time.  The kids are away from their distracting academic overlords, and now there is nothing but you and them and endless possibility.  Do you get out of town or do you stay?  Do you visit people or national treasures that they won’t appreciate until they’re older?  Do you do a tech diet or let them have some flexibility?  Do you let their brains take a break or do you kick it into summer school mode?  What do you and the kids eat when the days blur into a messy amalgamation known as an Endless Summer?  Do you gas grill for convenience or use charcoal and enjoy the extra carcinogens?

I love the Summer because it brings a change in the daily routines.  I enjoy the extra time with my kids (the ONE perk of being a teacher), and I love that Summer Vacations are FAMILY adventures, and not a true vacation.  They are a test of survival.

This week on the Round Table, we want to know just how you manage Summers with your family.  Do you stay or go?  What do you do with the kids?  What awesome recipe do you have that would benefit the community by sharing?

Remember to join us Wednesday Night on Twitter for our live #DadsRT Chat.  We will share survival stories and recipes.  Starting time is 6Pacific/9Eastern. 



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  1. Brad the Dad says:

    Right out the gates, my wife is a teacher too and I greatly value her summers off knowing all of that additional quality time she will be spending with our boys.

    As a family, we both stay and go over the summer. Our 3 main events are 1 – The (family) Camping Trip. Boys only, every June and now almost 30 strong going on 34 years in a row. 2 – July 4th. We have been hosting this party at our house for around 7 years now and it’s typically our biggest party of the year. 3 – A week long vacation down at the Jersey shore in August with my parents, cousins, and friends.

    I love summer. Those 3 things mentioned above are some of my favorite events of the entire year. I can’t wait for this chat on Wednesday to hear about everyone else’s summer fun.

    • This will be my most UNeventful Summer, but that may have more to do with my daughter getting older and having her own activities!

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