The Technology We Thought We Could Live Without

Have you ever thought about the amount of technology we have in our homes compared to just 10 years ago?  What about 20 years ago?  There is so much technology that we claim to need, but we even remember what life was like before all of it? Who did we play with before Xbox Live, Words With Friends,  or other multiplayer services?  How did we do research papers, shop, or waste time before the Internet?  How did we make sure we watched out favorite shows before our DVRs, Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube? How did we know how to get where we were going without Google Maps, or a Garmin?

As I look at my own life, I would be lost without my wireless internet connection, my [Android] smartphone, and my Xbox Live account.  I could only make it in the short-term without my PC or iPad in order to do work.  Years ago, we were rocking technology with names like 8-Track, Discman, VCR, Home Phone, Sega Genesis, and more.  Now we have new gizmos and gadgets that we didn’t know we couldn’t live without.

What is the ONE piece of hardware you can’t make it through your day without?  For me, it is my smartphone, because it keeps me connected with the Dads Round Table Community!

We WILL be doing our live Chat on Twitter this Wednesday at 6pst/9est using the hashtag #DadsRT.  We will see you there.



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  1. I’ll echo the smartphone but will also highlight a particular feature of that someone mentioned on Twitter yesterday – the camera. I honestly can’t image living without the ability to take a picture of something within seconds of the mood striking me. My boys move quick, and are growing up just as quickly, so being able to grab a snapshot of their lives at the drop of a hat is very important to me.

    • JB says:

      Consider all the things out smartphones do and how many different devices we had to do that just 10 years ago.

  2. jetts31 says:

    The Internet. It powers so much, has become so ingrained in to our every day lives, I don’t know how I or the rest of the world would function.

  3. nickdico says:

    props to the dreamcast photo on the intro! 😀

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