What Makes a Good Comic Book Movie

Over the next few months, fanboys and fangirls will be treated to another year of comic book movies.  Expect lines to form for Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For (10/4/13), The Wolverine (07/26/13), Thor 2 (11/08/13), Kick Ass 2 (06/28/13), Iron Man 3 (this Friday), and maybe the most anticipated of all of them, Man of Steel (06/14/13).

Comic book movies are big business Hollywood knows it and knows the geeks will line the block waiting for the next character to jump off of the pages and on to the big screen.  The ‘Avengers’ made over $1billion in under 3 weeks and 5 of the top 11 highest grossing opening weekend totals come straight from comic book adaptations.  Marvel Comics has pumped out huge money making movies like Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, and Spiderman (although Sony technically owns the Spiderman franchise currently).  DC Comics, though slow to the party have had their own successes, mainly with the Christopher Nolan Batman franchise and the original Christopher Reeve/Richard Donner ‘Superman’.

But with all of the great comic movies that have been adapted to the big screen, there is an equal amount of horrible comic book movies that have been made (think Daredevil, anything Joel Schumacher made for DC, Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Green Lantern, Spiderman 3, and Jonah Hex).

So what makes for a good comic book movie?

It isn’t necessarily how much the movie made because even the bad movies have made money (Spiderman 3 had the 6th highest grossing opening weekend of all time and that movie was awful. Yes, it was awful).

Is there a formula for success?  Does it have to do with the cast, or the director, or the source material, or is it something else?

Weigh in on how to make a successful comic book movie with special co-host, Jesse Gormley of www.fadderly.com.

Jesse is a bonafide fanboy who is knowledge of comics is Reed Richards-esque.

Join Jesse and me on Wednesday, May 1st at 9pm EST for our #DadsRT chat.

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  1. brickwade says:

    This is an interesting subject to me. A few months ago, Husband and I were at the movies and treated to preview after preview of these action-flicks. We looked at each other and commented a synchoronus “uh oh.”

    It always seems to me that the movie industry is so tunnel-visioned on making a fast buck that they don’t stop to wonder about genre oversaturization. Do we need 6 comic remakes this summer? Why not diversify? I think this overkill waters down the talent and quality of film, and aside from Man of Steel, the rest look like a shoddy effort to toss something, anything, out there to share a piece of the pie that is the moviegoers buck.

    My 2c.

    • They also look like forced dark reboots, which I’m so bleepin sick of it’s not even funny. “Hey, look… society is going down the tubes with violence and apathy, so I got an idea, let’s take one of their means of escape – the movies – and just add fuel to the fire.”

      I just don’t get it. One of my favorite Batmans so far was the Batman & Robin one with Arnold as Mr. Freeze and good ol’ Alicia Silverstone at Batgirl. It was cheesy, it was hokey, it was full of color, and it was entertaining. I’m sure the box office numbers disagree, but hey, to each his own.

      I just think we need more cheese, ya know?

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