Round Table Discussion: Back together. Again…

So news and gossip papers are all atwitter of the reuniting of Rihanna and Chris Brown. Ordinarily, I would say “who gives a damn,” but it brings me screeching to a halt and asking the question… um, did you forget that he choked the hell out of you?!

Granted, its anyone’s guess as to whether or not the incident actually happened or whether or not she provoked a fight that may have gotten out of hand. Promoters and managers are part of the nastier side of mainstream media and will do almost anything (good or bad) to keep their clients in the limelight. But what if it did happen as it went in court?

I’ve known several women in my lifetime that have been abused. I have seen the ones who were able to escape the abuse and I have seen and read plenty about the ones (women and  men) who continue to return to the abuser for a multitude of reasons. But when is enough enough? Can you name a reason why it would feel  ok to go back to someone who abuses you?

I was always taught to respect women and never lay a hand on them, yet in high school and college, I played second fiddle to the “bad boys” and was told I was too nice. What possesses a person to seek out and hold on to someone who clearly doesn’t actually care about them? If they did, they certainly wouldn’t hit, verbally bash, or emotionally abuse them. At least that was the way I was raised, and it’s definitely not allowed by law.

So please, help me understand. I know it’s not ok. Why would someone else? What is the benefit? What makes someone think that the abuser can change? As a member of the military I understand fear factor, but a relationship in the western world is not forced nor expected to be maintained “no matter what,” so what gives?

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