How do You Halloween?

We got back after an epic night of trick-or-treating, pillow cases full of candy and nearly the entire town covered.  Dumping our cases revealed the proof of our night’s hard work.  But, and as if in unison, we all looked around at each other and realized there was still time for more.  Not enough time to go far, but enough time to hit up the nearby houses we knew had good candy.  Houses that also knew us and the costumes we had on.  We quickly searched the garage for anything that would pass as different.  Leftover face paint and fake blood from round 1 were put back into use, baseball gloves lying around were added into the mix, pieces of existing costumes were traded, re-purposed and recycled onto others, one of us obviously grabbed an old sheet and became a ghost and finally we were off to put the cap on a historic Halloween night.

That’s one of my favorite Halloween memories from when I was a kid.  A memory that is in serious jeopardy of being taken down more than just a few notches as these two boys grow up before my eyes.

One of my favorite things so far this year has been seeing my wife help our oldest, 5-year-old son make a shield for his Captain America costume.  The one at the store was ridiculously expensive (and sold separately), so my wife decided she was going to help him make one.  Really, the shield is one of the first homemade Halloween creations we have done with either of the boys.  We have always went with the convenience of store bought costumes so far, but all good things have to start somewhere.  I can’t recall any significant, costume-creating phase in my past, so it’s exciting to see my wife teach our son how to actually make something from scratch.

Large drawing paper, cardboard, markers, and some scissors.  That’s all it took.  I’ll definitely remember their shield creation for a long time and I imagine they both will too.

I’d like to think that this is the beginning of new age of Halloween in our household.  An age in which we defy high-priced, cheaply made costumes-in-a-bag that come off of a hook, and create our own.  Create our own with a pair of boys whose minds are always looking to be opened.  That’s how I like to think we now celebrate Halloween.

How do you Halloween?

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