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When Did I Become an Expert?

Perception is everything. Of course, "everything" changes depending on the context. In real estate, location is everything. On tests, preparation … [Read Discussion Topic...]

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Stop Trying to Cheer Up Your Wife

Stop Trying to Cheer Up Your Wife

If you’re a new boyfriend or husband, here is my advice to you: Stop trying to cheer up your girlfriend or wife. At least not … [Read More...]

A Time to Give

I swore that I wasn't going to do a Thanksgiving post this year.  I find them tiring listing off all the things that we are … [Read More...]

The Great Divide: A Road Trip Essential

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Holiday Travel Tips

This is the biggest travel day of the year.  Many people hit the highway, airways, or even railways.  Traveling is one of the … [Read More...]

Never to Be Forgotten

Daughter, sister, mother, Of my world she started it all. Gone to look after younger sister and brother, She recently … [Read More...]

Battle for a Man

They lay there injured and sagging, alone and useless. Like a wounded animal, they barely had the strength to cry for … [Read More...]

Dads Mental Health

Mental Health is the elephant in the men's room.   Think it's difficult to get Dad to see the doctor, try getting him to see … [Read More...]

Dads Parental Leave

Once baby is born, many parents have access to 3 types of Leave: Maternity Leave - for Mom - 6 to 15 weeks Paternity … [Read More...]

Do I Drink Too Much?

It's not something that I ever really thought about while my kids were younger. I could have a beer and not think twice about … [Read More...]

Without #Coffee I Become an Invalid

One of the things my wife truly enjoys for those she loves is picking out the perfect gift for them.  She loves to surprise … [Read More...]