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The Tools Every DIYer Should Own

Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or have just started to try your hand at do-it-yourself projects, there are some power tools that you simply won’t … [Read Discussion Topic...]

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The Christmas Spider

A very kind and generous man was returning home to his family in the country after doing some charity work in town.  In his … [Read More...]

I Just Don’t Know

I've never felt more lost, confused, and helpless than I do right now. I've never felt my heart hurt this much for … [Read More...]

Good Old-Fashioned Christmas Concert

The Good Old-Fashioned Christmas Concert.  Most of the kids "singing" end up just moving their lips while the ones who love … [Read More...]

A Pledge to my Wife & a Gift for my Boys

I love you. You know that. I tell you often and I hope that you feel it. But I'm not sure I always show you how much I … [Read More...]

A Dad in the Classroom: My Heart Just… Broke

There's no way as a parent I can imagine sending my young child off to school and not have them come back. As a teacher, … [Read More...]

Our Family Dog: There and Back Again

Our family dog is a complex creature. I only know a few things for certain about this animal; we love her, she loves us, and … [Read More...]

Southern Rock and Winning in Dadhood

The biting yet soulful sounds of an electric guitar hammer out of the car speakers, bemoaning tragedy and heartache. A … [Read More...]

Giving from the Heart

This story happened some time in the past 10 years but I cannot say precisely when in order to protect the identity of the … [Read More...]

A Children’s Book with Adult Lessons

I worship at the altar of Dr. Seuss. A few weeks ago, I introduced our toddler to "Green Eggs and Ham." The premise is … [Read More...]

Killing in the Name of Christmas

1982.  Christmas Eve. "Gido, why don’t you have a Christmas Tree in your house?" I'd always wondered but had never asked … [Read More...]