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This Dad Knows Why Kids Need Jellyfish

Kids on lap, you open a brilliantly illustrated children's book and before you read a single word, your children are hooked. Their imaginations are … [Read Discussion Topic...]

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Giving from the Heart

This story happened some time in the past 10 years but I cannot say precisely when in order to protect the identity of the … [Read More...]

A Children’s Book with Adult Lessons

I worship at the altar of Dr. Seuss. A few weeks ago, I introduced our toddler to "Green Eggs and Ham." The premise is … [Read More...]

Killing in the Name of Christmas

1982.  Christmas Eve. "Gido, why don’t you have a Christmas Tree in your house?" I'd always wondered but had never asked … [Read More...]

She Said, He Heard: A Collaboration of Wits

In the beginning, women were a mystery to me. Then, I started listening and it all became clear. Then, I started … [Read More...]

Man and Woman Kiss

Brown Chicken Brown Cow

It is a common phrase in our house. I even taught it to my 5-year-old. He loves to say it over and over again when I bring it … [Read More...]

Visions of a Backyard Ice Rink

I can almost smell it. It's like that hint of dinner you get just before you walk in the door after a long day of work, … [Read More...]

I Don’t Want to be Fat

My wife in no uncertain terms called me fat the other day. It stung, it really did. I know that I have put on some … [Read More...]

The Christmas Devil

Every culture that celebrates Christmas has at least one peculiar tradition.  Christmas Pickle.  Christmas Spider.  Christmas … [Read More...]

9 Small Ways to Put Her in a Better Mood

Is your wife in a bad mood? Or is she just tired? Here are 9 great ideas for cheering up your wife. 1) Give a Small … [Read More...]

A Dad Moment

A Dad Moment

I remember it so clearly. It was two minutes of peace during bath time. After a full day, my wife and I started bathing our … [Read More...]