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Best Tech for Capturing Memories

Scrapbooks, photos and home videos are the traditional ways of preserving and keeping precious memories; yet, oftentimes, these scrapbook projects and … [Read Discussion Topic...]

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I am going to Hell for this.

  Bang! Maintenance was doing some work in the crawl space beneath the classroom floor. What was that? Of course I … [Read More...]

My Son Did The Right Thing

My oldest son, Axl, is a second grader but this is his first year at his current school. He's had a pretty easy adjustment, … [Read More...]

Democracy In Action: Take A Deep Breath

So, this post would probably have been more helpful a few weeks ago, but it's something that's been rattling around in my … [Read More...]

Toys in the Bedroom

Get your mind out of the gutter. Toys in the bedroom: should you or shouldn't you?  Here's how I see it: Some children … [Read More...]

Football Sadness

So, when I saw that my Giants are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday, the first thing I thought of was my friend … [Read More...]

Hurricane Sandy: An Assault on My Memories

I can't really explain the smell of the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ. Decades of cotton candy, fried dough, and pizza … [Read More...]

Why Disney Won’t Ruin Star Wars

If you’re like me, then you felt a disturbance in the Force yesterday right around the time it was announced Disney had … [Read More...]

A Dad in a Special Ed Classroom

Hello Round Table Readers. This post is coming to you from a suggestion of one of our readers (This is so you know that we … [Read More...]

Taking Time to Appreciate Mothers

This was originally published on Mother's Day and is being re-posted in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month and all … [Read More...]

Dear Taylor Swift, Thank You!

Dear Taylor Swift, On behalf of all dads with daughters, I would like to apologize for the apparent fact that every … [Read More...]